How to get Mechbird in Tower of Fantasy

You need Mechbird Head, Torso, Legs, and Core in order to unlock Mechbird Mount. Find out everything you should know how to get all 4 parts of Mechbird Mount in Tower of Fantasy.

So how to get all 4 parts of Mechbird first you need to go in to Rewards there is an event call Road of Strife Wanderer need to participate in this event in order to obtain Star Grit.

Star Grit is the currency use to exchange item in Aidan Black Market Event.

Event Phase 1

First event has 3 different Phase Stellarway Divergence, Orienteering, and Doubles Mega Arena it required Wanderer at least level 21 to participating in this event.

Road of Strife Event in Tower of Fantasy - zillongamer

We recommend you to do Stellarway Divergence you can find 6 event star gate in the world enemies in the star realm is powerful and very tanky you need up to 3 people to complete this star realm.

Star Gate Event Tower of Fantasy - zillongamer

When enter you and your teammate need to defend the boom by defeat 3 waves of enemies or 1 boss in the star realm when you complete the star realm you will get 300 Star Grit.

Stellarway Divergence Event Tower of Fantasy - zillongamer

Note: The maximum Star Grit that you can get is 1200 Star Grit per day.

You can only exchange Mechbird Head and Mechbird Torso in Phase 1 each part cost 1000 Star Grit. To exchange your star grit go Aidan Black Market inside Road of Strife you can exchange a lot of items.

Event Phase 1 Aidan Black Market Tower of Fantasy - zillongamer

Event Phase 2

Second Event will start at 8th september 2022. Just like phase 1 you need to complete mission to get Star Grit phase 1 you can only exchange Mechbird Head and Torse.

Phase 2 Aidan Black Market will unlock more items now you can get 2 more parts Mechbird legs, and Core each of this part cost 1000 Star Grit.

After you get all part of Mechbird you can go to your Vehicles you should able to unlock this Mount.