How To Download Tower of Fantasy On PC, IOS, and Android

Here is the guide about how to download tower of fantasy outside of the China Region. Currently, there is no official release of Tower Fantasy yet since Hotta Studio only release official game on 16 December in China region and Global Version will be released soon. However, if you want to wait and try it, you can follow our installation method.

Here is the step by step installations that you need in order to play the game:

Step 1: Download Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and IOS.

Tower of Fantasy On Android

Download Tower of Fantasy On Tap Tap

Tower Of Fantasy: How to Download On Android - zilliongamer

If you don't have Tap Tap, please go ahead and download tap tap first and then Search Tower of Fantasy and Click the Download button and wait until it is complete.

Tower of Fantasy On IOS

Change region to China Mainland

Tower Of Fantasy: How to Download On IOS - zilliongamer

If you live outside of China, you can change your region to China Mainland in order to download it from APP Store. Go to Account > Click and Country/Region > Pick China Mainland > Agree and Fill all the information.

Tower of Fantasy On PC

Download From Website

For the PC version, you can download it from this website here by clicking on the red circle button on the right (in the picture below) and waiting until it is complete which is about 12 GB+ Additional File.

Tower Of Fantasy: How to Download On PC - zilliongamer

Scan QR In Order To Login 

After installing the game on mobile, click on login and the QR code will pop up so just open your game on mobile scan the code to be able to log in.

Step 2 Install Wechat

In order to play this game, you need to install some Chinese app that requires login so we recommend WeChat for login.

WeChat Verify

If you don't have WeChat you should create one and ask Someone that has Wechat scan your QR code to activate your Wechat account.

Step 3 Fill User ID(Chinese) Information

Tower Of Fantasy: How to Fill Chinese ID - zilliongamer

After Login with Wechat this User ID information will show up and you can use this put First put Username In Chinese (1) and Second (2) Use the ID number that we gave and third (3) use your own phone number(any number) for example 011532267.

Chinese User Name +  Number ID + Your Phone Number

For example: 

  1. 陈向东
  2. 330724197110130410
  3. 0923877421

Here are some Chinese names & ID's that are tested & works to register on any game in China:




















In Conclusion

After complete all these 3 steps now you are able to log in and play the game so please enjoy and have fun grinding.

End of Download Tower of Fantasy Guide.