Squad Busters Characters: How to unlock all of them

There are many ways to unlock character in Squad Busters, leveling up your Squad journey, opening chest, buy in shop, but can you unlock them all without spending a cent? Only one way to find out.

Let's get into all characters that are guarantee to be unlock first shall we?

Guarantee Unlockable Characters

The reason why these characters are guaranteed to be unlock is because you only need to play the game to level up your Squad Journey, and when reaching a certain level, you will unlock given characters.

Unlock characters via Squad Journey | Squad Busters - zilliongamer

There are no lock or spending to unlock these characters, hence guaranteed.

UnlockSquad Journey

Once you progress pass Level 63, you will unlock all of these 10 characters. How about other 17 characters?

Here is where luck and time come to play, why do I say that? Well, from here onward, you'll need to play the game to earn Chest, it can be Rare or Epic, and there is a chance that you will unlock the other 17 characters from here. However, there's another way, but first let get into Chest characters.

Unlock Characters from Chest

Here's an image showing all characters stating "Find the following Characters in this world".

Unlock characters via Chest & World | Squad Busters - zilliongamer

Now when you take a look at the roster, you only see Colt, Goblin, Chicken, and Witch that are unlock by leveling up right?

Well, all the other characters you have a chance to unlock by getting chest inside Green World. Except Archer Queen, you can unlock her by Linking your account to Supercell ID.

This also apply to Desert World, Royal World, Beach World, Squad League. 

To keep it shortand direct, depend on which world you are playing, the chest you get has a chance to unlock the mentioned characters.

Green World



El Primo



Hog Rider

Barbarian King

Archer Queen

Desert World

Battle Healer



Royal World

Royale King




Beach World



There you go, now you know that the other 17 characters are all stored inside chest within their respective world.

Say you really want to unlock Tank that means you have to play in Beach World, win or stay in top 5, opened a chest and pray that you can unlock them. If not, you have to repeat the whole process, again and again until you finally get what you want.

Now, what if you don't want to play or pray for the character you want? Well, the last choice is to check the daily offers.

Check Shop for Daily Deals

This is another way to unlock that character you want, however it's important to check the deals every day, because the shop will refresh every 24 hours listing another new character that you haven't unlock yet.

Unlock characters via Daily Shop | Squad Busters - zilliongamer

The character will cost 100 000 coins, yes it come at a steep price so if you really want that character but you don't want to play, you need to make sure you have 100 000 coins to get that character. That's all we can talk about that.

Can I Unlock all characters in Squad Busters for free?

YES, yes you can, however it will take you a very long time to grind through each world to unlock all characters. We're talking weeks, months, or even years, depend on how much you play a day combine with how well you perform.

Overall, there are 10 characters that are guaranteed to be unlocked once reaching a certain level, the other 17 characters are inside the chest, or one of them appearing inside the shop daily.