Squad Busters: How to unlock Archer Queen for Free

Archer Queen is an Epic character in Squad Busters that you can unlock for free by Linking your game with Supercell ID. Find out how.

Make sure you complete welcome tutorial first then you'll see the main menu screen. From here, tap on the burger button on the top right of the screen.

Burger button top right

Now you'll see the setting panel which allows you to connect to Supercell ID, tap on Connect ID to proceed to the next step.

Connect ID

In this part, it's based on you, if you already have Supercell ID you can log in and then you'll get Archer Queen. Done. However, if you don't have Supercell ID you need to register. Don't fret, it's quite simply.

Log in or Register

After you Tap on Register Now, you'll need a Gmail or any email account that you use. Enter the your email address, and re -enter, make sure they are the same.


Tap on Register then you need to go into your email inbox to get a verification code, and that's why you need to have an email that you are currently using.


The code is 6 numbers that sent to your previously entered email, so make sure you double check the code before submit to prevent wrong verification code.

If the code is correct, you will proceed to last step, which is enter a new name for your Supercell ID.

Enter name

This is the last step, once you find a name you like, tap on continue then you'll be redirect back to the game main menu with a popup telling you to claim Archer Queen.

Claim Archer Queen

Tap on Claim, and enjoy the new epic character. 

And that's about it. Just a quick and simple article to helps you claimed a free character to help strengthen your squad in combat. Enjoy the game.