New Tracing Origins Echo Event | Mauxir Shadow Ka Banner

Tracing Origins Echo is a new Banner in Snowbreak: Containment Zone, you can pull 5-star Mauxir Shadow Ka in this banner. Find out everything you should know about Tracing Origins here.

Tracing Origins Echo | Mauxir Shadow Ka Banner

New Tracing Origins Echo Mauxir Shadow Banner - zilliongamer

New echo event in Snowbreak: Containment Zone Tracing Origins, if you are looking for a 5-star Mauxir-Shadow Ka this is the banner for you, check out Mauxir-Shadow Ka build guild & team comp here.

Tracing Origins echo (Mauxir-Shadow Ka Banner), you can get 5-star Mauxir-Shadow Ka in this banner with a limited-time drop rate of 50% boosts.

The tracing origins echo event for a limited time, during this event, the 5-star Character Mauxir-Shadow Ka gets a huge rate drop boost.

You need Manifestation Echo Covenant to open the Tracing Origins echo event and the daily maximum echo limit in this Tracing Origins is 1000 echoes.

How to get Manifestation Echo Covenant? you can get it by buying it using Digicash, 10 Manifestation Echo Covenant costs around 1600 Digicash.

Tracing Origins Echo Event Drop Rate

Tracing Origins Mauxir Shadow Ka Banner Drop Rate - zilliongamer

Guaranteed to obtain at least 1 purple or higher character within 10 pulls, and 80 pulls guaranteed that you will get a 5-star character.

Don't Worry when you get a 5-star character there is a 50% Chance it will be the Mauxir-Shadow Ka but, if you lose a 50% chance the next 5-star character you get will be guaranteed Mauxir-Shadow Ka.

Tracing Origins Echo Rewards

Tracing Origins Exchange Shop - zilliongamer

When using Manifestation Echo Covenant to pull any characters or weapons in this echo event you will get a Reward Code used to purchase more Manifestation Echo Covenant or 5-star weapons in this selected store.

If you obtain a blue-tier weapon in the Tracing Origins echo event, you will get 25 Rationing Codes which can be used to exchange for various items in the shop Circulation Hub.

This is the best way to get a 5-star weapon of your choice when you get at least 480 Reward Code. If you want the best 5-star weapon for Mauxir-Shadow Ka head to a new echo called Fusion of Unreality.

Fusion of Unreality is a new weapons echo releases with Tracing Origins, you can get Mauxir-Shadow Ka best weapons in here it's also have 50% chance boost on getting this SMG.


The Tracing Origins Echo & Fusion of Unreality has only 21 days left, this is a great time to get Mauxir-Shadow Ka & Alloy Truth SMG or if you want Extract: Mauxir-Shadow Ka stimulate.