Snowbreak Mauxir Shadow Ka Build Guide & Team Composition

Mauxir-Shadow Ka is a 5-star character, she deals Chaos damage with the right team and build you will deal tons of Chaos damage.

Check out the best Mauxir-Shadow Ka best weapon, logistics, manifestation, neuronics, and team composition in Snowbreak: Containment Zone here.

Best Weapon for Mauxir-Shadow Ka Snowbreak: Containment Zone

The best weapons for Mauxir-Shadow Ka are: Tension Headache SMG (Rare), Arctic Fox SMG (Epic), and Alloy Truth SMG (Legendary).

Best Weapon For Mauxir Shadow Ka Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

For early and mid-game weapons Tension Headache and Arctic Fox SMG work very well with her, she can eliminate the enemy in just a second with these weapons.

There are the best weapons for Mauxir-Shadow Ka, if you go for the legendary Alloy Truth SMG is the best weapon for her you will deal a ton of damage with this SMG.

Best Logistics for Mauxir-Shadow Ka Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Best Logistics for Mauxir-Shadow Ka: (Amarna Squad) Amunet, Berenike, and Mertari.

Best Logistics For Mauxir Shadow Ka iN Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

  • Amarna Squad will help increase her attack damage, her armor, and max health go for ATK & Frost DMG stats (Random Stats).
    • 2 Officers: Increases her max health by 20%.
    • 3 Officers: When a support skill is used, full squad gains iteru flood: increases ballistic DMG by 40% for 15 seconds, while iteru flood is in effect if the Mauxir Shadow Ka's support skill deals DMG and increases ATK by additional 20% for 1.5 seconds.

Mauxir-Shadow Ka Manifestation

You can get extra Mauxir-Shadow Ka stats Passive % by upgrading manifestation, we recommend upgrading from her M1 to M4 Ancient Ritual to Grudgeful Rebirth if you can.

Ancient Ritual (M1) shots that hit kebechet- wrap receive an additional increase to Crit Rate according to the weapon type: sniper rifle and shotgun give increase of 100%, pistol gives increases of 50%.

Compulsive Repentance (M2) decreases ATK of all targets connected to kebechet - wrap by 20%.

Ensuing Retribution (M3) when equipped with a Chaos weapon, kebechet - wrap's duration increases by 0.1 second for every 1500 of Mauxir's max HP.

Grudgeful Rebirth (M4) vein-squeezing bind skill level +1 decreases vein-squeezing bind cooldown to 25 seconds.

Mauxir-Shadow Ka Neuronics

Neuronics is an enhancement of your existing Operative (character) skills.

Mauxir Shadow Ka Neuronics Guide Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

You need to focus on her 2 nodes on the bottom Cyclical Collapse - Cluster Special and DMG to increase her attack damage and increases target slow duration to 5 seconds.

You don't need to worry you can channel through all the 6 Neuronics tree notes when Mauxir-Shadow Ka reaches level 80.

Mauxir-Shadow Ka's Best Team Composition

Mauxir-Shadow Ka's Team Composition Option 1

Mauxir Shadow Ka Best Team Compostion Option 1 Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Haru Absconditus and Anya Big Sis is the best team for Mauxir Shadow Ka this team will help increase her deals a ton of damage take Anya Big Sis she is a great 4-star support or Chenxing the Observer.

Mauxir-Shadow Ka's Team Composition Option 2

Mauxir Shadow Ka Best Team Compostion Option 2 Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Anya Big Sis and Chenxing The Observer are the best 4-star support for Mauxir Shadow Ka but, if you have Chenxing Ethereal Cloud you should take her instant of Chenxing the Observer.

Mauxir-Shadow Ka Outfit Skins List

Here you can find and view Mauxir Shadow Ka outfit skin covering from the alpha version to the newest release skin in the game.

Sizzling Holiday Mauxir Shadow Ka

Sizzling Holiday Mauxir Shadow Ka Outfit Skin Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Price: 95 Bitgold.

Mauxir Shadow Ka Default

Mauxir Shadow Ka Default Outfit Skin Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Default Mauxir-Shadow Ka Outfit Skin.


There are many different good teams out there it is up to your play style and character that you can pull, if you have any of these characters, we suggest above put them in Mauxir Shadow Ka.