Snowbreak: Mauxir Meow Build Guide & Team Composition

Mauxir Meow is the best 4 -star character, she deals frost damage, check out Mauxir Meow build guide and team comp here.

Check out the best Mauxir Meow best weapon, logistics, manifestation, neuronics, and team composition in Snowbreak: Containment Zone here.

Best Weapon for Mauxir Meow Snowbreak: Containment Zone

The best weapons for Mauxir Meow are: Safety Line SMG (Rare), Hypochlorous Acid SMG (Epic), and Stardust Memory SMG (Legendary).

Best Weapon For Mauxir Meow Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

In early and mid-game best weapon for Mauxir Meow are Safety Line and Hypochlorous Acid SMG, these weapons work very well with her, she can deal a decent amount of damage.

The best weapons for Mauxir Meow in late game is legendary Stardust Memory SMG is the best weapon for her because it helps increase her Frost DMG.

Best Logistics for Mauxir Meow Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Best Logistics for Mauxir Meow: (Fenya Squad) Heart, Charlotte, and Rosle.

Best Logistics For Mauxir Meow Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

  • Fenya Squad will help increase her attack damage, her armor, and max health, any of these logistics should have a random stat in it if you are able to get ATK & Frost DMG stats make sure to equip it on Mauxir Meow.
    • 2 Officers: Increases ultimate skill DMG by 32%.
    • 3 Officers: Increases DMG dealt by 46% for 10 seconds after using ultimate skill.

Mauxir Meow Manifestation

You can get an extra bonus Mauxir Meow stats Passive % by upgrading manifestation, we recommend upgrading from M1 to M5 Melting Snow to Joint Sins if you can.

Melting Snow (M1) increases the duration of all avatars by 25%.

Guilty as Charged (M2) when the avatar is present, if the host's HP is less than 20% of Mauxir Meow's HP, then the host will immediately take DMG equal to its current HP.

Price of Evil (M3) Decreases DEF of the avatar by 1% for every 1% of HP it loses. Absolute Justice (M4) mindblast skill level +1 increases DMG transeferred the host from ego avatar deal 54% DMG ego avatar received.

Price of Evil (M5) when the enemy host or the avatar is defeated, detonates all surrounding avatar, dealing Frost DMG equal to 200% of Mauxir Meow's ATK.

Mauxir Meow Neuronics

Neuronics is an enhancement of your existing Operative (character) skills.

Mauxir Meow Neuronics Guide Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

You need to focus on her first 2 nodes on the top DMG, Skill Cooldown, Range, and Special increase Cloud Shot - Cluster DMG, boost ballistic DMG, and charge stacks of Cloud Shot increases to 3.

You don't need to worry you can channel through all the 6 Neuronics tree notes when Mauxir Meow reaches level 80.

Mauxir Meow's Best Team Composition

Mauxir Meow's Team Comp Option

Mauxir Meow Team Compostion Option Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Haru Absconditus is the best 5-star DPS character put her in Mauxir Meow team as a primary damage dealer, Mauxir Meow secondary damage dealer, and Enya Big sis to help increase their damage.

Mauxir Meow Outfit Skins List

Here you can find and view Mauxir Meow's outfit skin covering from the alpha version to the newest release skin in the game.

Echoes of Souls Mauxir Meow

Echoes of Souls Mauxir Meow Outfit Skin Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Get it from Echoes of Souls Event.

Mauxir Meow

Mauxir Meow Default Outfit Skin Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Default Mauxir Meow Outfit Skin.


Mauxir Meow is a great 4-star character she deals frost damage, work very well with any DPS characters make sure to put her as a secondary damage dealer, not in the primary.