Snowbreak: Containment Zone Fogbound Dream Event

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Fogbound Dream Event

Fogbound Dream is a new event in Snowbreak: Containment Zone, you have 5 main mission Shrouded City Sweep, Pursuing Embers, Endless Battle, Foolish Mayhem, and Early Trail.

You will get a lot of high tier loots & items from this event make sure to participate in this event it every good for you.

How To Get Incentive Point ?

How to get Incentive Point ? You can get Incentive Point by complete different mission and quest in Fogbound Dream event.

In Pursuing Embers you need to defeat many different event after finish all oy the quest in Pursuing Embers you will get a lot of Incentive Point.

How to Get Incentive Point in Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Honor's Bounty Limited Shop

Honor's Bounty Limited Reward Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Incentive Point use to exchange for reward in Honor's Bounty, you can use Incentive Point to exchange any item you want in Honor's Bounty Limited and Unlimited shop.

Honor's Bounty Unlimited Shop

Fogbound Dream Unlimited Shop Exchange Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

If you need material to upgrade your weapon, operative, logistics, manifestation, and neuronics go to Limited Shop there are a lot of useful material in this event shop.

Unlimited shop best Incentive Point use, you can get legendary logistics & epic Wild Warp Stinger. Logistics in this unlimited event shop are best when you build for skill damage.

You can also go into the unknown mist, you can complete quest in there to if you need silverbuck and Digicash that you use to buy wishes make sure you focus on this mission too.

End of Fogbound Dream Event in Snowbreak: Containment Zone.