Snowbreak: Fenny Coronet Build Guide & Team Composition

Fenny Coronet is a 5-star character that uses shotgun & she deals Electrical damage, check out Fenny Coronet build guide and team comp here.

Check out the best Fenny Coronet best weapon, logistics, manifestation, neuronics, and team composition in Snowbreak: Containment Zone here.

Best Weapon for Fenny Coronet Snowbreak: Containment Zone

The best weapons for Fenny Coronet are: Ambergris Shotgun (Epic), Discordance Shotgun (Epic), and Sunny Payback Shotgun (Legendary).

Best Weapon For Fenny Coronet Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

In early and mid-game best weapon for Fenny Coronet are Ambergris and Discordance Shotguns, it helps increases a decent amount of Electrical DMG.

The best weapons for Fenny Coronet in late game are legendary Sunny Payback Shotgun because it helps increase a huge amount of her Electrical DMG.

Best Logistics for Fenny Coronet Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Best Logistics for Fenny Coronet: (Dharma Squad) Red Line, Saka, and Fuboku.

Best Logistics For Fenny Coronet Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

  • Dharma Squad will help increase her attack damage, her armor, and max health, any of these logistics should have a random stat in it if you are able to get chaos or kinetic DMG stats make sure to equip it on Fenny Coronet.
    • 2 Officers: Increases Ballistic DMG by 24%.
    • 3 Officers: After using a Standard Skill, increases Standard Ballistic DMG by 46% for 5 sec.

Fenny Coronet Manifestation & Neuronics

You can get an extra bonus Fenny Coronet stats Passive % by upgrading manifestation, we recommend upgrading until you reach M5 Super Idol if you can.

Stage Experience (M1) Crown of Thorns state no longer has a time limit, the state will remain until all Mercy points are consumed.

Unafraid (M2) When equipped with an Electric weapon and in the Crown of Thorns state, increases the Mercy points accumulated for each pellet that hits the enemy target to 1.7.

Climax of the Show (M3) Mercy points can now exceed the original limit.

Energized (M4) Optimal Condition skill level +1. In Crown of Thorns state, each point of Mercy increases Fenny Coronet's Shooting SPD by 1.05%.

Super Idol (M5) When Mercy points reach the maximum, increases Fenny Coronet's Electrical DMG Fenny Coronet by an extra 15%.

Fenny Coronet Neuronics

Neuronics is an enhancement of your existing Operative (character) skills.

You need to focus on her skills node Calm Mind Deiwos Alignment, Optimal Condition, The Chosen, and Center Stage. You don't need to worry you can channel through all the 6 Neuronics tree notes when Fenny Coronet reaches level 80.

Fenny Coronet's Best Team Composition

Fenny Coronet's Team Comp Option

Fennya Coronet Team Compostion Option Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer

Fenny Coronet uses Shotgun so she will work well with other DPS character that have AR, SMG, and Sniper rifle, since she has Shotgun, you should get close to enemy because it helps you deal a lot of damage.

Fenny Coronet Outfit Skins List

Here you can find and view Fenny Coronet's outfit skin covering from the alpha version to the newest release skin in the game.

Stinging Rose Fenny Coronet Skin in Snowbreak: Containment Zone - zilliongamer


Fenny Coronet is great character, she deals a lot of damage in close-range, snice she not that good for long-range you should put her as a secondary damage dealer and have a DPS that have AR or SMG.