Rainbow Six Mobile Operators: Unique Abilities & How to Unlock

Operators also known as Character is the main aspect of Rainbow Six Mobile. Each of them have unique ability and weapons. Get to know all of them here.

Operators are split into two categories in R6 Mobile such as: Attackers and Defenders. It’s pretty self explanatory, the Attackers attack the bomb side, and the defenders defend.

How to unlock Rainbow Six Mobile Operators?

You can unlock all operators in R6 Mobile by using the operator tickets or spending platinum to recruit them directly.

All R6 Mobile Operators

Currently there are a total of 18 operators in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Rainbow Six Mobile Operator: ATK RecruitATK RecruitRainbow Six Mobile Operator: DEF RecruitDEF Recruit
Rainbow Six Mobile Operator: ThatcherThatcherRainbow Six Mobile Operator: RookRook
Rainbow Six Mobile Operator: ThermiteThermiteRainbow Six Mobile Operator: BanditBandit
Rainbow Six Mobile Operator: SledgeSledgeRainbow Six Mobile Operator: MuteMute
Rainbow Six Mobile Operator: AshAshRainbow Six Mobile Operator: JagerJager
Rainbow Six Mobile Operator: GlazGlazRainbow Six Mobile Operator: KapkanKapkan
Rainbow Six Mobile Operator: HibanaHibanaRainbow Six Mobile Operator: CaveiraCaveira
Rainbow Six Mobile Operator: TwitchTwitchRainbow Six Mobile Operator: SmokeSmoke
Rainbow Six Mobile Operator: YingYingRainbow Six Mobile Operator: ValkyrieValkyrie

ATK Recruit

ATK stand for attack, this is the first attacker operator that you unlocked by simply completing the tutorial.

R6 Mobile Operator: ATK Recruit

With a role of Backup, this operator doesn't have any fancy ability but a breach charge and frag grenade.

Firearm wise, this operator uses M4 assault rifle as a primary weapon and SPD 9mm pistol as sidearm.

This is a character that you can fall back on when your squad picks the operator that you want to play, so you have no choice but to choose the ATK recruit as an attacker.


Real name: Mike Baker

Role: Attacker (Anti-Gadget)

R6 Mobile Operator: Thatcher

Thatcher's unique ability is throwing EMP grenade to disable any electronic and remotely triggered gadgets. One of the best abilities to enter enemies' defense perimeter.

Firearm wise, Thatcher use L1A1 assault rifle as primary and SPR 9mm pistol as sidearm with Claymore as his gadget, tripwires goes boom.

To unlock Thatcher in R6 Mobile you need 10 Thatcher tickets or 450 platinum. 


Real name: Jordan Trace.

Role: Attacker (Hard Breacher)

R6 Mobile Operator: Thermite

Thermite's ability is called Exothermic Charge, it's essentially a Breach charge on steroids and it can destroy reinforced walls and damage enemies that are close to the explosion.

Thermite uses a 552-Commando assault rifle and 5.7 USG secondary with Smoke Grenade as gadget.

To unlock Thermite operator you need 10 Thermite tickets or 450 platinum.


Real name: Seamus Cowden

Role: Attacker (Soft Breacher)

R6 Mobile Operator: Sledge

Sledge has an ability called Breacher Hammer, he uses a gigantic hammer to break any soft surface to create entry points or line of sight.

For his weapons choice, Sledge uses a L85A2 assault rifle and SMG-11 machine pistol as a sidearm and frag grenade.

To unlock Sledge you need 10 Sledge tickets or 450 platinum.


Real name: Eliza Cohen

Role: Attacker (Entry Fragger)

R6 Mobile Operator: Ash

Ash's unique ability is called Breaching Round, a mounted projectile launcher that shoots explosive rounds that stick and destroy soft surfaces and nearby enemy gadgets.

Ash's weapon is R4-C assault rifle and 5.7 USG pistol as sidearm with Flash grenade as gadget.

To unlock Ash operator you need 15 Ash tickets or 700 platinum.


Real name: Timur Glazkov

Role: Attacker (Sniper)

R6 Mobile Operator: Glaz

Glaz's unique ability is called Thermal Flip scope, when this ability is activated, he can see enemies through smoke, his damage is increased, but the fire rate is slower.

Glaz uses OTS-03 DMR as his primary and AP30 machine pistol as a sidearm with smoke grenade as gadget.

To unlock Glaz operator you need 20 Glaz tickets or 950 platinum.


Real name: Yumiko Imagawa

Role: Attacker (Hard Breacher)

R6 Mobile Operator: Hibana

Hibana has a unique called X-Kairos launcher, a launcher that fires explosive pellets which can breach reinforced hatches and make small holes in walls.

Firearm wise, Hibana uses a Type-89 CQB assault rifle, and 93R pistol as sidearm with flash grenade as gadget.

To unlock Hibana operator you need 15 Hibana ticket or 700 platinum.


Real name: Emmanuelle Pichon

Role: Attacker (Anti-Gadget)

R6 Mobile Operator: Twitch

Twitch's unique ability is called Shock Drone, this drone is capable of destroying enemy gadgets with a taser shot. You can also use first Shock Drone during the preparation phase.

Weapon wise, Twitch uses F2 assault rifle as her primary and P9 pistol as sidearm with Claymore gadget.

To unlock Twitch operator you need 10 Twitch ticket  or 1200 platinum.


Real name: Siu Mei Lin

Role: Attacker (Crowd Control)

R6 Mobile Operator: Ying

Ying has a unique ability called Candela Flash Charge, it can be anchored on surfaces or as rolled grenades.

Firearm wise, Ying uses T-95 LSW light machine gun as primary weapon, and LFP586 revolver as secondary, with Breach charge as gadget.

To unlock Ying operator you need 20 Ying ticket or 950 platinum.

DEF Recruit

DEF is stand for Defend, this is the first character that you can unlocked once completing the tutorial.

R6 Mobile Operator: DEF Recruit

This operator doesn't have any fancy ability, he uses Impact grenade.

Weapon wise, the DEF Recruit uses UMP45 Submachine gun as a primary and 5.7 USG pistol secondary, and Barbed wired as gadget.


Real name: Julien Nizan

Role: Defender (Anchor)

R6 Mobile Operator: Rook

Rook's unique ability is called Armor Pack, he supplies a bag of armor that his anybody can be equipped for extra health.

Firearm wise, Rook uses MP5 Submachine gun as primary and D-50 pistol as sidearm with Deployable shield as gadget.

To unlock the Rook operator you need 7 Rook's tickets or 450 platinum.


Real name: Dominic Brunsmeier

Role: Defender (Anti-Breacher)

R6 Mobile Operator: Bandit

Bandit's unique ability is called Shock Wire, when activated it electrifies reinforced surfaces, barbed wires, and deployable shields.

Weapon wise, Bandit uses MP7 Submachine gun as primary and 5.7 USG pistol as secondary with Barbed wire as gadget.

To unlock Bandit you need 15 Bandit's ticket or 700 platinum.


Real name: Mark R. Chandar

Role: Defender (Anti-Intel)

R6 Mobile Operator: Mute

Mute unique ability is called Jammer, he placed a Jammer down to disabled any enemy drones and other activate gadgets when in range.

Firearm wise, Mute use M590A1 shotgun as his primary and AP30 machine pistol as secondary with C4 gadget.

To unlock Mute you need 10 Mute's ticket or 1200 platinum.


Real name: Marius Streicher

Role: Defender (Gadget Denial)

R6 Mobile Operator: Jager

Jager has unique ability called Magpire Defense System, it's an active defense system that stick to the wall for destroying enemy grenades before they explode.

For his weapon choice, Jager uses 416-C assault rifle as primary gun and P9 pistol as sidearm with Barbed wire gadget.

To unlock Jager you need 10 Jager's ticket or 1200 platinum.


Real name: Maxim Basuda

Role: Defender (Trapper)

R6 Mobile Operator: Kapkan

Kapkan has a unique ability called Entry Denial Device, activating this ability by placing trip wire-triggered explosives on windows and door frames.

Firearm wise, Kapkan uses 9x91vsn submachine gun as primary and Baliff 410 revolver sidearm with Smoke Grenade gadget.

To unlock Kapkan you need 15 Kapkan's ticket or 700 platinum.


Real name: Taina Pereira

Role: Defender (Roamer)

R6 Mobile Operator: Caveria

Caveria is the only operator that has 2 unique abilities, Silent Step and Interrogation.

Silent Step: When activated, your footstep noise gets dampened, so you can sneak up on enemies with zero sound queues.

Interrogation: This ability allows her to interrogate downed enemies to reveal the positions of their teammates.

For her weapon choice, Caveria uses Origin-12 shotgun as primary and Luison pistol as sidearm with Impact grenade gadget.

In order to unlock Caveria operator you need 25 operator's ticket and 1200 platinum.


Real name: James Porter

Role: Defender (Entry Denail)

R6 Mobile Operator: Smoke

Smoke's unique ability is called Remote Gas Grenade, he can remotely detonated a sticky grenade that explodes a cloud of highly toxic gas.

For his weapon choice, Smoke uses M500 shotgun as primary, and SMG-11 machine pistol as sidearm with Deployable Shield.

In order to unlock Smoke's Operator you need 20 ticket and 950 platinum.


Real Name: Meghan J.Castellano

Role: Defender (Intel)

R6 Mobile Operator: Valkyrie

Valkyrie's unique ability is called Black Eye Camera, it's a sticky camera that can stick anywhere to provide surveillance feeds and can be accessed by all of her teammates.

For her weapon choice, Valkyrie uses MPX submachine gun as primary and Keratos.40 revolver secondary and C4 gadget.

To unlock Valkyrie you need 20 Valkyrie's ticket and 950 platinum.

General Tips to Picking Operator in Rainbow Six Mobile

First thing before entering a match is picking Operator, this is your first step, you must pick one operator out of the roster.

Rainbow Six Mobile Turn to pick Operator

You will get a turn to pick your operator, first pick, last pick, or in between. If you get first turn to pick then great, pick whatever operator you want.

Tips 1: If you want to play a certain operator but you don't get first pick, you can hint your teammate by instantly selecting that operator. It's just a hint but sometime it work..

Tips 2: Operator picking phase is very quick, you need to pay the most attention to prevent the game auto pick operator that you don't want to play.

Tips 3: Get comfortable with 2 Attackers and 2 Defenders operators, this way you can fall back on the second operators if your main is picked by other players.

Tips 4: Once changing sides from Attackers to Defenders, you will need to pick a new operator as well, keep that in mind.

And that's about it really. Knowing all operators, play with the one you like the most, use ticket or platinum to unlock other operators, stay alert in operators picking phase, and you are all set.