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Find all Shotguns in PUBG: New State featuring damage chart and general guides here.

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Shotguns Damage Chart

NameDamageReload SpeedMode
PUBG: New State S12K Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamerS12K24 x 93sAuto
PUBG: New State S686 Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamerS68626 x 92.3sSingle
PUBG: New State S1897 Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamerS189726 x 90.7sSingle
PUBG: New State DBS Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamerDBS26 x 90.4sFast Burst

Shotguns Information

Shotguns Features

Great Body shot damage: This weapon has great body shot damage. It deals more than 219 damage per shot in close-range that can easily take down the enemy so quickly.

Close Range God: Shotguns are the best close-range weapon in PUBG: New State. It needs only 1 or 2 shots to eliminate the enemy. 

Auto Function: S12K & DBS are auto shotguns that have a good fire rate and damage. 

  • Ammunition:
    • 12 Gauge: S12K, S686, S1897, DBS.

Air-Drop Exclusive: Shotguns can not be found in Air-Drop.

Shotguns Guides

Good at Defense Strategy: Good to use for defense yourself when there was the enemy try to hunt you down while you were looting. Shotguns are the best choice to use

Aim at Upper Body area: Always aim upper body because when your enemy got only Level 1 or 2 Armor, you can knock them down in just 2 shots.

Best at the Start of the Game: When you get shotgun at the start of the game you can easily push forward the enemy and destroy them with 1 shot when they got no armor. 

Best Shotguns Rifle in PUBG: New State

PUBG New State Best Shotguns are powerful with great damage and fast fire rate less recoil in close-range such as:

  1. DBS
  2. S12K


PUBG: New State DBS Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamer

One of the most used guns in PUBG, DBS is also known as the best shotgun in PUBG: New State, this weapon has great damage, fast burst shots, high magazine, and combine with fast reloading speed that making it one of the powerful SG to use.


PUBG: New State S12K Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamer

The Second best shotgun in PUBG: New State, S12K the automatic shotgun and the only one that can add more attachments such as Muzzle, Sight, and Ext.Magazine.


In Conclusion, there are only 4 Shotguns in PUBG: New State and DBS, and S12K are the best shotguns that you should use in close-range combat.