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Find all Designated Marksman Rifles in PUBG: New State featuring damage chart and general guides here.

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Designated Marksman Rifles Damage Chart

NameDamageFire RateRange
PUBG: New State Mini14 Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamerMini14536075
PUBG: New State MK14 Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamerMK14612050
PUBG: New State SLR Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamerSLR586080
PUBG: New State SKS Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamerSKS566080
PUBG: New State VSS Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamerVSS406030

Designated Marksman Rifles Information

Designated Rifle Features

Great Damage for Long Range: Designated Marksman Rifle can kill the enemy with 3 or 4 shots if you hit a great spot like chest & body.

Long Range: DMR is a great weapon to use in Long-range combat. It's powerful with the Semi-Auto Mode that can eliminate the target up to 100meters.

Semi and Full Auto Function: DMR rifles like VSS and MK14 can be switch between the Semi-Auto and Full Auto mode that can be used in either close or long-range combat.

  • Ammunition
    • 7.62mm: MK14, SKS, SLR
    • 5.56mm: Mini14
    • 9mm: VSS

Air-Drop Exclusive: MK14 can be only found inside the Air Drop since they have higher damage than other DMRs.

Designated Rifle Guides

Aim at Head area: Always aim for the head with DMR Rifles it will increase the chance of hitting the enemy chest and head while shooting in the long-range.

Lead your aim: Don't aim straight when shooting the moving target, you won't hit them. Just Lead your aim a bit forward to hit your target.

Attachment Priority: Scope (4x, 6x, 8x, 15x) Compensator, and Quick Extend Magazine that you should prioritize on your DMRs to get close vision, extra ammo, and less recoil.

Best Designated Marksman Rifles in PUBG: New State

PUBG New State Best Designated Marksman Rifle with good damage, average fire rate and recoil control such as:

  1. SLR
  2. Mini14
  3. SKS

⇒MK14 are considered S Tier since they are air drop exclusive.


PUBG: New State SLR Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamer

SLR is the best DMRs in PUBG: New State, this weapon is so powerful in the long-range. It has high recoil but higher damage than other DMRs (not include MK14).

Note: If you use SLR always calculate your bullet drop while shooting the enemy in the long-range. 


PUBG: New State Mini14 Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamer

The second best Designated Marksman Rifle in PUBG: New State is Mini14, this is 5.56mm weapon has a pretty good damage and less recoil. Mini14 has more magazine than other DMRs without adding more Ext.Magazine attachment.


PUBG: New State SKS Damage, Best Attachment & Guide - zilliongamer

SKS is the third best DMR in PUBG: New State. SKS is the only one Designated Rifle that can add all the attachments such as: Muzzle, ForeGrid, Ext.Magazine and Check Pad.


In conclusion, there are 5 Designated Marksman Rifle in PUBG New State now and SLR, Mini14, and SKS are the top 3 DMR that you should use.

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