Survivor Pass Volume 2 Price & Rewards

Check out how to get the survivor pass vol 2 and how to claim all the rewards in battle pass here.

What is Survivor Pass Volume 2 & How To Get

Survivor Pass is a battle pass in PUBG New State that upgrades every month and allows all the players to complete the missions gain SP (Survivor Points) and claim all rewards.

How to get this Survivor pass, there are 2 options for the player to choose:

Free Survivor Pass

Survivor Pass Vol 2 Free | PUBG New State - zilliongamer

All the players will get the free pass and claim the rewards by completing the daily missions & weekly missions. Here is the main rewards in this Free Pass such as:

1Dream Runner Bella Profile Icon - zilliongamer
5Dream Runner Bella Top - zilliongamer
15Dream Runner Bella Gloves - zilliongamer
25Dream Runner Bella Pants - zilliongamer
35Dream Runner Bella Sneakers - zilliongamer
45Dream Runner Bella AR Glassese - zilliongamer


Premium Survivor Pass

Survivor Pass Vol 2 Premium | PUBG New State - zilliongamer

The Premium Survivor Pass costs 1500 NC and has a lot of good rewards and items than the Free Survivor Pass. All the players

The Players can also upgrade to the Premium Pass Pluss to get more rewards. This upgrade cost 3800NC.

1Remedy Delivery DBS - zilliongamer
5The Brush Off Emote - zilliongamer
10Hipster Zombie Head - zilliongamer
15Hipster Zombie Profile Icon - zilliongamer
20Hipster Zombie Gloves - zilliongamer
25Hipster Zombie Profile Frame - zilliongamer
30Hipster Zombie Sleeveless Top - zilliongamer
35Hipster Zombie Long Boots - zilliongamer
40Fast and Dangerous Mesta - zilliongamer
45Hipster Zombie Ripped Jeans - zilliongamer
50Hipster Zombie Black Coat - zilliongamer

How to Get SP Point & Mission

Complete all the daily missions and weekly missions to gain your SP points or you can upgrade the level 50 of SP by purchasing 19260NC and claim the good rewards.

Survivor Pass Vol 2 Mission And Sp Point | PUBG New State - zilliongamer

This Survivor Pass Volume 2 has only 30 days in the PUBG New State. Don't forget to purchase it and claim all the awesome rewards.