Naraka Bladepoint: Nunchucks Stats, Combos, SoulJades, & Skins List

View detail of Nunchucks in Naraka Blade. Find out Nunchucks stats, combo, souljades, and skins here.

Nunchucks Overview

Naraka Bladepoint: Default Nunchucks skin - zilliongamer

Nunchucks is a melee weapon in Naraka Bladepoint that can deal decent damage damage and has very fast attack speed. Nunchucks is very good weapon easy to play and easy to do the combos skills with some Character in the game.

Nunchucks Damage Chart

This is Nunchucks Legendary Damage Stats.


Mouse 1

Horizontal Strike


Mouse 2

Vertical Strike


Mouse 1 Hold

Charged Attack Horizontal

235 x 4

Mouse 2 Hold

Charged Attack Vertical


Nunchucks Combos

This is our recommendation on Nunchucks Combos.

Mouse 1 -> Mouse 1 -> Mouse 2.

Crouch (C) + Mouse 2 -> Mouse 2 -> Mouse 2 -> Mouse 1 -> Mouse 1.

Crouch (C) + Mouse 2 -> Mouse 1 -> Jump forward + Mouse 1.

Crouch (C) + Mouse 2 -> Mouse 2.

Crouch (C) + Mouse 2 -> Mouse 2 -> Charged Attack Horizontal.

Mouse 1 -> Crouch (C) + Mouse 2 -> Charged Attack Vertical.

The Best SoulJades for Nunchucks

There are 2 SoulJades for Nunchucks such as:

  • Trigger
  • Flying Kick

Nunchucks Tigger SoulJades - zilliongamer


Horizontal Blocked Extreme.

Nunchucks Tigger SoulJades - zilliongamer

Flying Kick

Enhanced Focus.

Our recommendation on picking the best SoulJades for Nunchucks are Tigger and Flying Kick, There are only 2 Souljades for Nunchucks and both of them are very good.

Nunchucks Skins List

Here are all Nunchucks skins, and price how to get it in Naraka Bladepoint:

Winderider Yasutsuna

Naraka Bladepoint: Default Nunchuck skin - zilliongamer

Default Nunchucks skin

Fleeting Willow

Naraka Bladepoint: Fleeting Willow Nunchucks skin - zilliongamer

Price: 4000 Tae or 200 Gold

Fleeting Redwood

Naraka Bladepoint: Fleeting Redwood Nunchucks skin - zilliongamer

Unlock at Proficiency Lv.10

Earthen Tempest

Naraka Bladepoint: Earthen Tempest Nunchucks skin - zilliongamer

Unlock by Martial Artists

Graceful Pearl

Naraka Bladepoint: Graceful Pearl Nunchucks skin - zilliongamer

Price: 5000 Spectral Silk

Lunar Pearl

Naraka Bladepoint: Lunar Pearl Nunchucks skin - zilliongamer

Price: 500 Gold


Naraka Bladepoint: Pearl Nunchucks skin - zilliongamer

Unlock by Cavalry Treasure

Chin Woo

Naraka Bladepoint: Chin Woo Nunchucks skin - zilliongamer

Obtain by Martial Artists daily check

Jade Elegance

Naraka Bladepoint: Jade Elegance Nunchucks skin - zilliongamer

Unlock by Cavalry Treasure

Tigers Grace

Naraka Bladepoint: Tigers Grace Nunchucks skin - zilliongamer

Price: 1500 Gold

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