Patch Notes November 29: New Game Mode, New Boss, and Hero Changes

New Naraka: Bladepoint Patch Notes update on November 29, 2023. Here are the details for this update on November 29 new game mode, hero adjustment, new boss, bug fixes, store update, souljade, and new outfit skins.

New Game Mode Yama's Abyss & New Boss Omnius Vortex

1. New Campaign Mode: This is a brand-new roguelike iteration of Showdown Mode. In Yama's Abyss, all players start on equal footing, taking on an unlimited number of random stages.

Players can obtain a wide variety of temporary enhancements to strengthen themselves as levels get progressively more challenging.

When playing Yama's Abyss, Souljades that you have equipped will not initially appear in your Souljade Bag, but instead will randomly appear in the in-game Rift Dealer. Explore Yama's Abyss, discover various enhancements, and challenge countless random levels.

Advancing through the tiers of Yama's Abyss and increasing your rank in the Showdown Season will earn you valuable rewards, including the Regular Treasure Choice Gift and the Rank Avatar.

At the end of each Showdown Season, both your rank and rewards progress will be reset. Check out Naraka Bladepoint new Campaign Mode update Yama's Abyss gameplay showcase here.

2. New Boss in Omnius Vortex: Water, is the source of all things, the fountain of countless changes.Take on the ferocious beasts of Omnius and 3 new levels at the Shipwreck Expanse on the Morus Isle.

Check out new boss in campaign mode shadow chapter IV showcase here.

Hero & Souljade Adjustments

Hero Adjustment in Patch Note November 29, 2023 in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

  • Hadi Ismail:
    • 1. Enabled the mechanism for Hadi to counter while in flight.
    • 2. Optimized the hit performance of the Charged Attack during flight.
    • 3. Optimized the sound effect during flight.
    • 4. Optimized the damage calculation mechanism that exits flight status upon accumulating certain damage during flight. Now, the damage dealt by Armor Pierce is properly included, while the damage dealt by Shadow Corruption is not included.
  • Zai:
    • 1. Added a flash cue for the Gold Focus move of the Ultimate Weapon [Chain Scythe].
    • 2. Optimized the special effects of the third Horizontal and Vertical Strikes of the [Chain Scythe].
  • General Soujade:
    • Newly added Souljade (Consumable) [Vajra's Grip]: When being Countered, restore some Health and your weapon will not drop.

Store Update

Brand new pack outfit for Valda Cui & Tarka Ji:

Justice Gossamer Iris Valda Cui

Justice Gossamer Iris Valda Cui Outfit Skin in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

1. Newly added Valda Cui exclusive Pack Gossamer Iris Pack Valda Cui, Legendary Justice Gossamer Iris Valda Cui pack price: 1,360 Gold after discount.

Justice Iris Whisper Tarka Ji

Justice Iris Whisper Tarka Ji Outfit Skin in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

1. Newly added Tarka Ji exclusive Pack Gossamer Iris Pack Tarka Ji, Legendary Justice Iris Tarka Ji pack price: 1,360 Gold after discount.

Client Optimization & Bug Fixes

Now DirectX 12 is supported.

1. Increased runtime resource loading speed by 30-50%, significantly reducing game stutter with hardware such as mechanical hard drives due to slow initial resource loading.

2. Further optimized multi-threading rendering performance in DirectX 12, increasing DirectX 12 rendering frame rate by 5-10%.

3. Xbox File Size Reduced, improved data distribution and compression methods, reduced data discrepancies, and reduced the overall amount of data in update files.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where players hit by Zai's [Chain Link: Suppress] move were unable to pre-input dodge commands.

2. Fixed an issue with Zai's skills where the icon for burning damage source was incorrect.

3. Added content to the skill description of Takeda's [Mythic Grab] regarding the determination of the downed state. The skill effects remain unchanged.

4. Fixed an issue where, during Takeda's [Demonic Aid], the hit target was unable to dodge subsequent weapon horizontal strikes in certain situations.

other bug fixed an issue where the week number was not properly displayed on the Battlepass page.


Naraka Bladepoint new patch updated on November 29, 2023, with brand new campaign, new boss, hero adjustment, bugs fixes, and optimization this patch come with two brand new outfit pack for Valda Cui & Tarka Ji.