Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List Season 9

Here all Naraka Bladepoint Weapon tier list in season 9 ranked from best to worst. Find out every you should know all weapon tier list and breakdown of all weapon tier list in Naraka: Bladepoint here.

Naraka Bladepoint Weapon Tier List In Season 9

Here is all Weapon Tier List 2023 in Naraka Bladepoint:

S-TierDagger, Nunchuck, Bow, Polesword
A-TierStaff, Dual Halberbs, Dual Blade, Longsword, Spear, Musket
B-TierBlood Dripper, Katana, Greatsword

Naraka Bladepoint Weapon Tier List In Season 9 - zilliongamer

S Tier Weapon

  • Dagger
  • Nunchuck
  • Bow
  • Polesword


Dagger Melee Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Dagger this weapon has a lot going in Solos its movement based combos and unique abilities, the dagger attack are fast and track enemy very well you can easily chase with this weapon.

Dagger gives great protected mobility against grapples can easily deal defensive skill and fastest skill rush. If you play in Duo or Trio mode you should pick something else since it only the best in 1 vs 1.


Nunchuck Melee Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

The Nunchuck is incredibly strong in Solo and one of the most challenging weapons in the game, it has high burst single attack damage.

Nunchuck forward reach of neutral vertical is highly valuable chasing and general spacing you can get good value with Nunchuck charge vertical against defensive skills.


Bow Ranged Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Bow is one of the best ranged weapon in Naraka Bladepoint because it has quick damage if you land your shots between your dashes. (you can dash fire shot dash again to fire another arrow)

If you hit enemy with headshot than you will get a free stun out of it with eight shots should be enough to finish off your enemy with melee weapon the trick is you need to make sure that you hit the target.


Polesword Melee Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Polesword is also one of the best heavy weapon in Naraka Bladepoint. Polesword can deal a tons of damage with single attack burst and fist stage charge vertical.

The ability to cancel focus attack gives it low risk high reward offense in a 1 vs 1 and can be extremely punishing for opponent and nearly impossible to counter on reaction.

A Tier Weapon

  • Staff
  • Dual Halberbs
  • Dual Blade
  • Longsword
  • Spear
  • Musket


Staff Melee Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Staff if the best weapon for running away due to its ability to continually launch forward and immune to grapple. The Rising Cloud charge help increases the strength of this weapon.

The Heaven Uproar which can be done by doing a vertical attack allow you to follow up with a two stage blue and purple attack leaving your enemies airborne. The Staff is tricky weapon you need to put a lot of hour in to it to understand its ability in order to use this weapon.

Dual Halberds

Dual Halberds Tier List Melee Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Dual Halberds is a new melee weapon in Naraka Bladepoint that came out in Season 9, currently most player running with this weapon because it a new weapon and can deal a lot of damage with Cloudbreaker and Benthic Dragon.  

This weapon is a great weapon for Duo and Trio games and it can send multiple enemies airborne with his charge attack Cloudbreaker and Benthic Descent that can deal a tons of damage.

Dual Blades

Dual Blades Tier List Melee Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Dual Blades damage is insane when you use their focus attacks if you one enemy with this weapon it can be very tricky to fight against and it has benefit from having the horizontal charge run can easily protect you from grapple stagger.

The only problem with the Duel Blades is that when you use focus attack ( Horizontal or Vertical ) it can easily counterable if you run in to a much high skill level it going to be hard to use this weapon.


Longsword Tier List Melee Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

If you a solos player you should get Longsword it benefit from its charge attack that deal high damage make it very effective against enemy with defensive abilities. 

The damage from Longsword combos aren't as good as Dual Blade but it a friendly beginner weapon it very easy to use Longsword some combos it a bit hard but if you just start play this game Longsword is the best weapon for you.


Spear Tier List Melee Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Spear is the lowest sport in A tier it decent for solos player the dragon slayer can deal a tons of damage to enemies but you need to time it right ( Vertical or Horizontal Charge) to the second stage to active dragon slayer.

Active it you will do a stab and go into a dragon's flurry which spin the spear around in the gold focus which is very good and pretty useful in teamfight if you play in Duo or Trios.

In Dou or Trio game Spear could rank higher than this and it also has a range advantage.

B Tier Weapon

  • Greatsword
  • Katana
  • Bloodripper


Katana Tier List Melee Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Katana is decent it's charge attack focus are basically unreactable, Katana now is not a good weapon in solos game.

It has some of the best movement it the game and it can easily be punished for careless offense if you use Katana must me well practiced to get the most out of the Katana.


Greatsword Tier List Melee Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Greatsword use to be the best weapon when Naraka Bladepoint came out even since the Polesword introduction to Naraka Bladepoint Greatsword seems underwhelming.

It still deal very high damage with it's focus attack and a very useful ability call Stone Form so you can block neutral horizontal, Greatsword has good soul jade like Earth Shaker for third party and good soul jade for 1 vs 1.

Overall if you making mistake against an experienced Greatsword user it cloud be fatal if you don't like Polesword you should use Greatsword.