Naraka: Bladepoint All Weapons Tier List Season 10

Naraka Bladepoint all weapons tier list November 2023 season 10 ranked from best to worst. Find out every you should know all weapon tier list and breakdown of all weapons tier list in Naraka: Bladepoint in season 10 here.

Naraka Bladepoint All Weapons Tier List In Season 10

Here is all Weapon Tier List November 2023 in Naraka Bladepoint Season 10:

S-Tier BESTStaff, Dagger, Nunchucks, Dual Halberds, Bow, Musket
A-Tier GOODFans, Longsword, Spear, Dual Blade
B-Tier MIDPolesword, Greatsword, Katana, Pistol

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S-Tier Weapons in Naraka Bladepoint

  • Staff
  • Dagger
  • Nunchucks
  • Dual Halberds
  • Bow
  • Musket


Staff is one of the best weapon in Naraka Bladepoint, can deal a ton of damage with full combos, has high mobility, and it a improved version of spear.

Staff is the best weapon for running away due to its ability to continually launch forward and immune to grapple. The Rising Cloud charge help increases the strength of this weapon.

It is a tricky weapon you need to put a lot of hours into it to understand it's abilities in order to use this weapon.


Dagger is the best weapon in solo game mode thank to it very high mobility, fast attack speed, and it's track very well. Dagger attack animation is very similar which make it very hard to visually read it's any focus attack.

Dagger gives great protected mobility against grapples can easily deal defensive skill and fastest skill rush. If you play in Duo or Trio mode, you should pick something else since it only the best in 1 vs 1.


Nunchuck is incredibly strong in any game mode solo, duo, trio, and one of the most challenging weapons in the game, it has high burst single attack damage.

The best way to deal damage with this weapon without getting punishment is to go vertical attack 2 times then dash more vertical or horizontal enemies that don't know how to deal with this will eat a ton of free damage.

Nunchuck forward reach of neutral vertical is highly valuable chasing and general spacing you can get good value with Nunchuck charge vertical against defensive skills.

Dual Halberds

Dual Halberds is a strong weapon in Duo & Trio game mode, and it can send multiple enemies airborne with his charge attack Cloudbreaker and Benthic Descent that can deal a ton of damage.

Dual Halberds is easy to master and one of the strongest weapons in Duo and Trio games, if you able to get Dual Halberds best souljade like Dragonlike Might & Benthic Descent you will be unstoppable with this weapon.


Bow is the best ranged weapon, it is deals very high damage with full charge headshot and when you hit headshot with bow you will get free stun and you can finish off your enemy with melee weapon.

You can get quick high damage with Bow by charge attack or shot arrow then dash shot dash and shot until you ran out arrow. 


Musket also the best ranged weapon you should have if there is no high-grade Bow, Musket is almost the same as bow it's deal a little lower damage then bow but, you can also use the quick damage by shot and dash. 

A-Tier Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint

  • Fans
  • Longsword
  • Spear
  • Dual Blade


Fans is a new melee weapon in the game it's released on season 10, Fans is a great weapon the attack animation is almost the same as Dagger, this weapon is a bit hard to use for beginner. 

Fans can be in S-tier if you put a lot of hours into it, it can be on S-tier if we don't count ranged weapon in its snice, it a new weapon that just releases, we can't not rank it in high tier then that.


Longsword is a friendly weapon for beginner, it is very easy to learn how to combos with Longsword for solos player you should get Longsword it benefits from its charge attack that deal high damage make it very effective against enemy with defensive abilities.


Spear is great melee weapon in Duo and Trio game mode, it's not strong as other melee weapon but, it not as slow as Greatsword & Polesword weapons.

Spear focus attack (charge attack) if slow and can easily get punishable, Spear ability Dragon Slayer which help Spear to deals more damage to multiple enemies.

Dual Blade

Dual Blade is a strong weapon in solo game mode snice it got upgrade version (Dual Halberds) it's still a strong weapon in solo game it can be rank in S-tier next to Dual Halberds.

B-Tier Weapon in Naraka Bladepoint

  • Polesword
  • Greatsword
  • Katana
  • Pistol


Polesword is still playable in Duo and Trio games, it's falls off since it got nerfs, but it's still the best heavy sword version of Greatsword.

The ability to cancel focus attack gives it low risk high reward offense in a 1 vs 1 and can be extremely punishing for opponent and nearly impossible to counter on reaction.


Greatsword is a very slow melee weapon but, it's deal very high damage with normal attack especially charge attack, if you get hit by Greatsword charge attack it will take a huge of your health.

Both Polesword and Greatsword is used to surprise attack when join third party, the best souljades for these weapons is very slow and very punishable.


Katana currently is one the worst melee weapon in Naraka Bladepoint, it has decent charge attack focus are basically unreactable, it is a good weapon in solo game mode.


Pistol is a great range weapon, it deals high damage in close range & medium range but, it is very bad in long range, if you are looking for a close-range weapon pistol is the one you should get, for long range pistol is not the best ranged weapon for you to take.


These our ranged weapon tier list in Naraka Bladepoint season 10, Fans weapon range a bit lower because it a fresh new weapon that just releases in this season.