Naraka Bladepoint New Era Event & Vixen's Trick Event

New Era and Vixen's Trick is a new event in Naraka Bladepoint. Find out everything you should know about these events how to complete and earn reward in New Era Event & Vixen's Trick Event here.

New Era Event Naraka Bladepoint

New Era Event Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

To celebrate Naraka Bladepoint biggest Collaboration with Nier Replicant Nier: Automata Naraka releases new event called New Era event. You need to complete quest to earn a tons of reward in this event.

You can complete 5 Main Chapter Blindfolded Maiden, A Frail Youth, Stern Women, Terrifying Beauty, and The Caring Brother.

New Era Event Reward in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

New Era Blindfolded Maiden has 7 chapter you can complete chapter 1 by click on exploring you need to complete chapter quest in order you get Bolt to exchange reward in the New Era Event.

Make sure to complete all chapter quest that you can some quest you need hero to complete if you don't have you don't need to worry about it complete quest that you can it gonna give you a lot of Bolt.

New Era Event Reward and Flight of Glory - zilliongamer

You can go to Event Center in Limited time event New Era event you can redeem reward, collect picture, and Play online mini game Flight of Glory.

How to play Online Mini Game in Naraka Bladepoint go to event center new era event click on flight of glory it will open up browser, if you click it in the game it will automatically sign in your account.

Online Mini Game Flight of Glory Reward - zilliongamer

You can new minigame, New Era: Flight of Glory to earn kill scores and redeem them for rewards such as Regular Treasure Choice Gifts and Hero Coins. As you earn more kill scores, you'll unlock more rewards

Kill Scores will stack up if you lose save it to redeem reward, you can invite your friends to get permanent staring aid 1 friend you invite will give you wingman +1 and enhanced dash, 3 friends will get you two more wingman.

Wingman maximum is four if you got hit you will lose one wingman and it has three different abilities Longword, Dual Blade, and Polesword ability we recommend best skill in this online mini game Polesword ability level 2 to 3.

Vixen's Trick Event Naraka Bladepoint 

Vixen's Trick Event Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

New Event Vixen's Trick came out when Naraka Bladepoint releases new hero Tessa Complete daily quest and event quest to get Fox Spirit Bead to redeem reward in this new Event.

For player who want Tae this is a good event for you, you can exchange 1 Fox Spirit Bead for 160 Tae and can exchange up to 99 times and don't forget to Unlock Progress by answer Tessa question to get more reward.