Naraka: Bladepoint Hadi Ismail Build Glyph, Skills, and Ultimate

Hadi Ismail is new here in Naraka Bladepoint Season 10, he can deal very high damage with is ultimate and has high mobility. Find out Hadi Ismail best build talent glyph, skills, and ultimate for solo and trio here.

Hadi Ismail New hero In Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Hadi Ismail Best Talent Glyphs

These glyphs build to increases Tessa dagger dash energy cost, grappling distance, maximum energy, dodge energy cost, and stamina.

Hadi Ismail Best Talent Glyphs are: Origin Spirit, Lunar Agility, Omni Mind, and Solar Flight or if you want to gain ultimate before other [Origin] Savagery or [Lunar] Enrage.

Hadi Ismail Best Talent Glyphs In Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

For [Origin] the build you need 6 [Origin] Spirit, to increase her stamina this very useful when fighting allow you do dodge or do the blue focus attack and dodge.

And Lunar you need 6 [Lunar] Agility reduce energy when dodge also best when it comes to team fights or fighting alone and best when try to escape from enemies with dagger.

On Omni you need 6 [Omni] Mind it helps a lot in the battle you need a lot of energy to dodge attack from enemy 6 of this keystone will increases even more energy for Tessa.

For the last keystone is Solar you need 6 [Solar] Flight it very helpful when fighting because increases his grappling distance very good to chase down enemy or escape.

Best Skills and Ultimate for Hadi Ismail

Here Best Skills and Ultimate for Hadi Ismail in Solos, Duos, Trios:

Hadi Ismail Best Skills and Ultimate In Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Hadi Ismail Best Skills for solos & trios:

We recommendation best skill for Hadi Ismail in Solos is Mechanical Arm because shoots the mechanical arm if enemies hit will pulled towards him and it's also protected Hadi with Golden Focus.

Mechanical Arm is the best for Solos game mode in duo or trio games you can take F2 Blast instant of Mechanical Arm because it allows you to escape the fight and it is a defensive skill if you want to play safe.

Hadi Ismail Best Ultimate for solos & trios

We recommendation best Ultimate for Hadi Ismail in Solos and Trios is Aerial Ascent: Blaze because it help you knockback nearby enemies and he can fly while in the air, he will not be interrupted by non-focus attack and can attack enemies with his Plume Blade.

Tap F again to drop down to the ground, while on the ground you can tap F again to fly, while in the air you can attack enemies and charge attack, charge attack can deal a lot of damage, burn enemies, and it also protected you with golden focus attack.

Best SoulJade for Hadi Ismail

Best SoulJade for Hadi Ismail, it depends on which weapon you are using each special SoulJades items affect your playstyle in various ways it depends on what special Souljades you can collect in the game.


Hadi Ismail is a new hero in season 10 and she deal high damage with high mobility, since it still a new hero his F3 and V3 can't be unlock yet, we will update when we able to unlock F3 & V3.