Naraka: Bladepoint All Characters Tier List 2023 in Season 10

Check out all character's tier list 2023 in Naraka: Bladepoint season 10, which character best for solos, duo, and trios' game in including the detail and the reason why they are best in season 10 here.

Find out character tier list 2023 in Season 10 ranked from best to worst. Find out every you should know all Character tier list in season 10 and breakdown of all Character tier list in Naraka: Bladepoint here.

Naraka All Characters Tier List 2023 in Season 10

Naraka Bladepoint all character tier list in season 10, here is the best Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List in Season 10:

S-Tier BestValda Cui, Akos Hu, Tessa
A-Tier StrongYoto Hime, Zai, Ziping Yin, Matari, Justina Gu, Takeda Nobutada, Tarka Ji, Viper Ning
B-Tier MidWuchen, Feria Shen, Temulch, Yueshen
C-Tier Sub OptimalKurumi, Tianhai

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Best (S Tier)

  • Valda Cui
  • Akos Hu
  • Tessa

Valda Cui

Valda Cui still the best character in Naraka Bladepoint season 10, Valda Cui is the best character that have the best control can counter play since her skill and ultimate can traps multiple targets at the same time.

She is best in solos game mode since her ultimate got nerf in season 9, but still holding her spot if enemy hit with the bubble Valda Cui can deal a ton of free damage which is very good for Solo and Duo game.

Akos Hu

Akos Hu also still holding his spot in Naraka Bladepoint season 10, a lot of pro players still play Akos Hu, he doesn't have defensive skill but his ultimate can cast while under attack and also protect him with gold focus, Akos is the best in Solos game and great in Duo and Trios games.

Akos Hu deals a ton of damage with high mobility, strong in Solo game but not that good for duo and trio game mode and he is a difficult character to learn.  


Tess is a new character releases in Naraka Bladepoint season 10, she is strong and can easily overpower her enemies, she is the best character you should pick when play Duo or Trio game mode.

If you able to land ultimate on multiple enemies you will have a high chance on winning any teamfights, she is also strong in solos game too if you choose the right skill & ultimate for her.

Best (A Tier)

  • Yoto Hime
  • Zai
  • Ziping Yin
  • Matari
  • Justina Gu
  • Takeda Nobutada
  • Tarka Ji
  • Viper Ning

Yoto Hime

Yoto Hime is a strong character in Naraka Bladepoint that can utilize very well for aggressive playstyle, she still the strongest character in Duo and Trios games but, she can struggle in solos game.

She can block range projectiles and it also blocks melee attacks with her skill & ultimate, Yoto Hime fit very well if you like to play aggressive. if you want to play in solos game you definitely can make it work and she is easy to master.


Zai is one of the best duelist character with high burst damage and high mobility, she can knock back enemy and immune to hit damage, her ultimate protected her with gold focus attack which is very good.

She is a character that can deal high damage, focuses on speed and burst damage by using her ultimate dual blades.

Ziping Yin

Ziping Yin is a strong character in any game mode when using her fist skill with her amazing abilities to never die mean that she is very hard to kill in solos or duos game.

It is very her to kill Ziping Yin in solo and duo game mode, she is a great support character strong in any game mode and very easy to play.


Matari was the best character in the game since it is releases, she falls off in many seasons but she still the Strong character in A-tier.

Matari is the best character you can choose for solo game mode, she has high mobility and very useful in trio and solo game mode. Matari skill lets her teleport a short distance away, which gives her plenty of time & space to heal or escape.

Justina Gu

Justina Gu is slightly less versatile fighter who relies on her ultimate to deal high damage and still on of the best duos and trios character her first and second ultimate is still dominant in the game as far as avoiding damage.

Takeda Nobutada

Takeda Nobutada is a great character in season 10 but, he can be outclassed by those character with long-lasting high-pressure ultimate like Valda Cui or Tessa.

Takeda Nobutada's skill lets him counter focus attacks and disarm his enemy which is very good in solo game mode but, it can be good, but it easily countered by enemies.

Tarka Ji

Tarka Ji's skill can counter enemy attacks & reduce their armor, you can change so that he can launch fireballs if you want a more offensive-focused skill. He doesn't have to fear being punished for getting counter (parried) since he can cancel practically any animation.

Viper Ning

Viper Ning is a strong defensive character her skill healing reduction and the silence give her the advantage she needs in a fight, her ultimate great if you able to unlock down multiple enemies.

She has a very high chance on winning the fights if you able to land her ultimate snice it is tricky to land, and enemies can escape her ultimate very easy.

C & D Tier

  • Wuchen
  • Feria Shen
  • Temulch
  • Yueshen
  • Kurumi
  • Tianhai

Still playable these characters are decent but if you can play other S & A character you should pick them, if you pick Kurumi, you can be good at it, but she falls off since that last 6 seasons, not a lot of pros play these characters.


These our tier list in Naraka Bladepoint season 10, Sub Optimal is decent you can still play them in this season, they all fall off for the many seasons now, Valda Cui, Akos Hu, and Tessa is the best characters in this season.