Best Zai Build Naraka: Bladepoint

Zai is a new character in Naraka Blade she is one of the best duelist character with high mobility and her burst damage. Find out Zai best build glyph, skills, and ultimate for Solo and Trio here.

You can check out all Zai outfit skins here.

Zai build Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Zai Best Glyphs

This glyphs build to increases Zai dagger dash energy cost, skill cooldown, grappling distance, rages, energy, maximum energy, dodge energy cost, and rage damage. Here is Zai best glyphs:

Zai Best Talent Glyph Build in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

For [Origin] the build you need 4 [Origin] Spirit, that help increases her energy and 2 [Origin] Savagery to increases her rages so that it can fully charge her Ultimate quicker than before.

Lunar you need 3 [Lunar] Agility reduce energy when dodge or dash with dagger and you need 3 more [Lunar] Enrage to increases her ultimate damage.

On Solar you need 3 [Solar] Flight that very helpful when fighting because increases her grappling distance very good to chase enemy and you need 3 [Solar] Genius this keystone will help reduce her skill cooldown.

For Omni you need 6 [Omni] Mind it help a lot in the battle you need a lot of energy to dodge attack from enemy 6 of this keystone will increases more Energy for Zai.

Best Skills and Ultimate for Zai

Best Zai Skill and Ulitmate Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Zai Best Skills:

Currently Zai has 2 different skills Flame Ward, and Flame War Ignite. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 1 to unlock Flame Ward Ignite.

Our recommendation for the best skill for Feria Shen in Solo and Trio is Flame War Ignite when active Zai will transform in to Flame Ward which immune to hit damage and stagger.

Flame War Ignite during 5 seconds she restore her health or armor an can't be hit when use E ability Zai will knocking back enemy and burn them.

Zai Best Ultimate:

Currently Zai also has 2 different Ultimate Chain Scythe, and Chain Scythe Suppress. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 2 to unlock Chain Scythe Suppress.

Our recommendation for the best ultimate for Zai in Duo or Trio is Chain Scythe Suppress when active Zai which her weapon into Chain Scythe deal AOE damage to enemy when the blade fully charge.

Chain Scythe Suppress Switch her Skill and weapon which exist for 30 seconds when attack Chain Scythe will aimed toward enemy direction. Hold attack stab forth and restore health or armor Chain Scythe deal AOE damage to enemy when the blade fully charge. 

Our recommendation for the best ultimate for Zai in Solo is Chain Scythe this ultimate very good when you play in Solo Mode when active will restore her skill and switch her weapon Chain Scythe which deal very high damage.

Zai Best Souljades

Each special SoulJades items affect your playstyle in various ways it depends on what special Souljades you can collect in the game.

It is hard to recommend souljade for Zai because you will randomly get it form looting. You need Souljades for any Weapon that you use to get more damage and special effects.

Remember that when you have melee weapon or range weapon you need souljade that support with that weapon if you like to use katana you need katana souljade to increase charge attack, damage, and more.

End of Zai Guild.

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