Best Feria Shen Build Talent Glyph, Skills, and Ultimate - Naraka: Bladepoint

New Hero Feria Shen in Naraka Bladepoint. She has high damage output, high mobility, and high survival.

Feria Shen is very good for trio she is a bit hard to kill her ability deal AOE damage with her Bronze Mech that has its own energy and health bars when mount the Bronze Mech Feria Shen won't take any damage from enemy.

Find out Feria Shen best build glyph, skills, and ultimate for Solo and Trio here.

Feria Shen Glyphs

This glyphs build to increases Feria Shen dagger dash energy cost, skill cooldown, grappling distance, her rage speed, energy, maximum energy, range damage, and dodge energy cost.

Here is Feria Shen best glyphs:

Feria Shen Best Talent Glyph Build in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

The build has 5 [Origin] Spirit, 1 [Origin] Savagery, 4 [Lunar] Agility, 2 [Lunar] Enrage, 3 [Solar] Flight, 3 [Solar] Genius, and 6 [Omni] Mind.

Feria Shen best skills

Down below is Feria Shen best skills for solo and trio:

Currently Feria Shen has 2 different skills Gunplay, and Scattershot. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 1 to unlock Scattershot.

Our recommendation for the best skill for Feria Shen in Solo and Trio is Gunplay because you can use this skill while under attack by enemy it very useful if you want to avoid enemy combos.

When activate you will leap back while firing an explosive round and creating a blast that damage and block all enemy weapon attack.

Feria Shen Best Ultimate

Down below is Feria Shen best ultimate for solo and trio:

Currently Feria Shen also has 2 different Ultimate Mech Mayhem, and Mech Mayhem Restore. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 2 to unlock Mech Mayhem Restore.

Our recommendation for the best ultimate for Feria Shen in Solo is Mech Mayhem Restore calling for Bronze Mech which has its own energy and health bars upon attack from enemy the Bronze Mech reduce it health you can shoot enemy or you can sacrifice Bronze Mech to restoring your armor.

For Trio Mech Mayhem is the best ultimate same as Mech Mayhem Restore you calling for Bronze Mech you can shoot enemies and build Mech's energy to use cannon mode upon hit it will knock back nearby enemies Feria Shen is protected by the Bronze Mech while under cannon mode.

Feria Shen Souljades

Each special SoulJades items affect your playstyle in various ways it depends on what special Souljades you can collect in the game.

It is hard to recommend souljade for Feria Shen because you will randomly get it form looting. You need Souljades for any Weapon that you use  to get more damage and special effects.

Remember that when you have melee weapon or range weapon you need souljade that support with that weapon if you like to use katana you need katana souljade to increase charge attack, damage, and more.

But if you use katana and has other weapon souljade or you won't use that weapon you should drop it for your teammate that use that weapon or swap it with another stats or range souljade try to find weapon souljade that you use it help a lot when fighting with enemies.