Best Akos Hu Build Naraka: Bladepoint

Akos Hu is one the best hero in Naraka Blade, Akos Hu can stun and knock enemies back with high mobility and his burst damage. Find out Akos Hu best build talent glyph, skills, and ultimate for Solo and Trio here.

Akos Hu build Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Akos Hu Best Glyphs

This glyphs build to increases Akos Hu dagger dash energy cost, skill cooldown, grappling distance, rages, energy, maximum energy, dodge energy cost, and grappling speed. Here is Akos Hu best glyphs:

Akos Hu Best Talent Glyph Build in Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

For [Origin] the build you need 4 [Origin] Spirit, that help increases his energy and 2 [Origin] Savagery to increases his rages speed so that it can fully charge his ultimate quicker than before.

On Lunar you need 4 [Lunar] Agility reduce energy when dodge and you need 2 [Lunar] Tether to increases his grappling speed it easy to chase down enemy or escape from them.

In Solar you need 3 [Solar] Flight this keystone is very helpful when fighting because increases his grappling distance very good to chase enemy and you need 3 [Solar] Genius to help reduce his skill cooldown.

For Omni you need 6 [Omni] Mind it help a lot in the battle you need a lot of energy to dodge attack from enemy 6 of this keystone will increases even more energy for Akos Hu.

Best Skills and Ultimate for Akos Hu

Best Akos Hu Skill and Ulitmate Naraka Bladepoint - zilliongamer

Best Skills for Akos Hu:

Akos Hu Best Skills:

Akos Hu has 3 different skills Roar, Roar: Blast, and Roar: Terror. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 1 to unlock Roar: Blast and Roar: Terror.

Our recommendation best skill for Akos Hu in Solo and Trio is his Third skill Roar Terror when active Akos Hu will roar like a tiger, and unleashing shockwave towards enemies deal damage and making them unable to move.

Roar Terror is best for any game mode you also can you his second skill Roar Blast it also very good for trio is charge the skill will deal more damage and knock enemies airborne.

Best Ultimate for Akos Hu:

Akos Hu Best Ultimate:

Akos Hu has 3 different Ultimate Feral Frenzy, Grab, and Lockdown. You will need to reach Cultivation stage reward 2 to unlock Feral Frenzy Grab and Feral Frenzy Lockdown.

Our recommendation best ultimate for Zai in Duo or Trio is Feral Frenzy Lockdown create banner chain and chaining enemies pull them back when they try to escape.

Enemies can't run way even they use their skill or ultimate for those who try to escape the banner will knock them back but it can only take twice for enemies to escape.

Akos Hu Best Souljades

Each special SoulJades items affect your playstyle in various ways it depends on what special Souljades you can collect in the game.

It is hard to recommend souljade for Akos Hu because you will randomly get it form looting. You need Souljades for any Weapon that you use to get more damage and special effects.

Remember that when you have melee weapon or range weapon you need souljade that support with that weapon if you like to use katana you need katana souljade to increase charge attack, damage, and more.

End of Akos Hu Guild.