4 Ways to get your Loadout Weapon in Warzone 2

Getting your favorite loadout in Warzone 2 have never been easier, here are four methods to get your loadout build.

In this four methods, two of them are involves in finding enough cash whereas the other two methods required you to position yourself well on the map.

Get Your Loadout without any Cash

In Warzone 2, you tend to find cash when looting, and you can use the cash to buy useful items and most importantly your weapon loadout.

However if you are struggling to find cash, you can use these two methods down below:

Complete Quest in Stronghold

Stronghold usually appears in the mini map during the first circle, if you drop into a point of interest that is near the stronghold you can have a good chance to complete it quick.

Get Loadout in Stronghold

In order to complete the Stronghold, you will need to eliminate AI's and then defuse the bomb.

Completing a stronghold will reward you your loadout with perk and other useful items such as larger backpack, munition box, armor box, and gas masks.

Plus a free UAV that randomly scans every 2 seconds revealing if the enemies around you want to come and contest it or not.

Claim Loadout Drop

In the current version of Warzone 2, the Loadout crate will drop in circle phase 2 most of the time the plane drop in the center of the zone.

Loadout Drop

So if you position yourself smartly you will be able to claim the nearest loadout drop after your looting phase.

Loadout Drop can also come in clutch when you drop back from Gulag, however you need to be extremely careful because other players might camp that drop.

Get Your Loadout with Cash

Looting cash is very important and you can find it at almost every point of interest, from loot boxes, on the floor, and more. You can also find cash in enemies loot box as well.

When you have enough cash there are also two methods that you can use to get your loadout weapons.

Buy Primary at Buy Station

Primary now cost 2.5K to acquired which mean meta weapon like RPK, Kastov 762, and other guns are very easy to get.

Drop into a point of interest that have buy station near you so when you get enough cash you can head to the buy station and get your primary.

Get Primary in Buy Station

Spending 2.5K only get your one primary, so to get any of those Akimbo pistols you need to get it inside loadout, or at least a loadout marker which you can also find in Buy Station but cost more.

Buy Loadout Marker in Buy Station

Loadout Marker has just release in the update today and now you can get your complete loadout (yes, with a complete perk).

Warzone 2 Loadout Marker | Loadout Grenade

Currently, the price of Loadout may varies from game modes:

  • Solos: $8000.
  • Duos: $16,000.
  • Trios: $24,000.
  • Quads: $32,000.

This means that if you will need 8K to get all primary, secondary, and perks. 

These are all the two methods that you can do to get your loadout in Warzone 2, the first one cost less but you can only get the primary while the second methods allows you to get a complete loadout.

What is the best way to get loadout in Warzone 2?

As of right now, the best possible way to get your loadout is to complete quest inside Stronghold, you don't need any cash and you still able to get a complete loadout package plus you can camp there for contestant.

However, if you are play solo you can gather $8000 to get a complete loadout since stronghold can be hard to complete alone.

In conclusion, Getting your weapon loadout is very crucial to help you win more gunfight since you gun is stronger than the base version guns. With these four different methods, it should help you get your loadout easier.