Honkai Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt - How to Complete & Reward

Here is information and a guide about Honkai Star Rail Underground Treasure Hunt Event including how to complete it, the reward, and all the detail relating to events.

What is Underground Treasure Hunt Event? - Date & Requirement

Underground Treasure Hunt Event - zilliongamer

Underground Treasure Hunt is a puzzle type of event in that you have to use stamina to explore the illuminated areas. You will collect Ancient Weapons and Armor to increase the character's stats to combat enemies when exploring. Also, there will be trial characters to join your team during exploration.

Underground Treasure Hunt Event Requirement

In order to participate in this event you have to complete the mission "Silent Galaxy" in "The Sweltering Morning". In addition, your trailblazer needs to be at least Level 24 to unlock the mission.

Underground Treasure Hunt Event Date

This event divides into 5 Days and each day you can complete in different 5 Ruins which divide to 5 specific days:

DatesEvent Stages
9, AugustRuin 1
10, AugustRuin 2
11, AugustRuin 3
12, AugustRuin 4
13, AugustRuin 5

How to Complete - Step by Step

Unlock The Mission

Underground Treasure Hunt: Unlock The Mission - zilliongamer

To start this off you have to go to Boulder Town in Jarilo VI by just teleporting to Goethe Grand Hotel which is a nearby place. and then go to ask Balaway. Next, you have to go to Jarilo VI Great Mine and then ask Aksay to unlock the first Ruin.

Underground Treasure Hunt: Unlock The Mission - zilliongamer

Build a Team That Suited For Enemies

Underground Treasure Hunt: Team Comp - zilliongamer

They will offer you some trial characters for you if you don't have the right character in your team. Keep in mind that there are Inherited Ruin Stats which show the stats that will boost in the ruin and Upcoming enemies which is very helpful to build team comp with this to best enemies faster and easier.

Tap to Move: Item & Equipment

Underground Treasure Hunt: Unlock Item - zilliongamer

Pressing on highlighted Tiles to expand the move and doing that you can see some items or equipment that appear so you can obtain to upgrade stats for the battle or help increase stamina with provision supplies. During exploring will consume your stamina make sure you press on Provision Supplies or it will consume your entire team's HP which is bad for the battle.

Enemies Lock Down

Underground Treasure Hunt: Unlock Enemies - zilliongamer

During exploring you will see enemies on the map who can lock down the surrounding area and in order to explore you have to defeat them to make the next move.

Move On To The Next Level

Underground Treasure Hunt: Unlock Door Key - zilliongamer

In each ruin, you will have a certain amount of levels and you can get to the next level by discovering Door Card on the tile.

Underground Treasure Hunt - Total Rewards

  • Stellar Jade x1000
  • Tracks of Destiny x1
  • Self-Modeling Resin x1
  • Relic Remains x200
  • Where's the Rabbit? Chat Box
  • Traveler's Guide x16
  • Obsidian of Obsession x18
  • Obsidian of Desolation x69
  • Credit x600.000

End of Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide.