Honkai Star Rail Penacony New World & Characters

Here is some information about Penacony World that might be released in the next Honkai Star Rail including all stories and characters that relate to Penacony world.

According to Honkai Star Rail staff in interviews, a New World is coming soon to Honkai Star Rail which is the next destination that Astral Express will go to. The interview confirms that Penacony will be the next world in future updates. 

Penacony Story & History

Penacony, the Planet of Festivities, is a planet mentioned in Honkai: Star Rail. It is currently inhabited by the Family, a faction that follows Xipe, the Aeon of Harmony.


Shortly before the end of the Astral Express Crew's adventures at Jarilo-VI, the Family at Penacony issued formal invitations to many galactic factions for the first time in history; among the invited factions were the IPC and the Astral Express. As such, Himeko planned on making Penacony their next destination, only to be intercepted by Kafka's report of a Stellaron eruption on Xianzhou Luofu. The crew decided to follow Kafka's intel and changed their destination to the Luofu.


When Akivii was alive, Penacony was a prison planet used by the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC) to exile criminals. However, they lost control over it when Stellaron corrosion broke out, and Penacony took refuge with Xipe and become a member of the Family.

Penacony Characters

There are also some rumors about characters that will be released alongside Penacony World. According to this subreddit post from HSR Leaks, the character that might see in the future Penacony are:

  • Topaz, Adventurine - IPC
  • Raiden Mei, Screwllum - Genius Society
  • Argenti - Knights of Beauty
  • Hanabi - Masked Fools
  • Sam - Stellaron Hunters
  • Black Swan

Penacony Release Date

There is no confirmation about the official release date yet. However, Xianzhou Luofu is expected to come to Honkai Star 1.3 and Penacony is expected to be the next destination in 1.4 on October 14.

End of Penacony New World & Characters