How to Complete Trashy Humor Achievement in Honkai Star Rail

Here is a guide about how to complete the Trashy Humor achievement in Honkai Star Rail including step by step on how to get it and reward by completing the achievement.

Trashy Humor Achievement

Honkai: Star Rail Trashy Humor Achievement - zilliongamer

In general, there is a lot of quests and achievements for players to achieve in Role Play game, and make the game contain more content for players to explore after they complete the quest. Honkai Star is also one of the role-play games that comes with a good amount of achievements to keep players entertained. Some of them are straightforward and some aren't, which is difficult for players to complete like this achievement called "Trashy Humor" which is one of the most difficult ones since it doesn't provide any clue or hint and only riddle "One man's trash, another man's treasure".

Trashy Humor Achievement Reward

When it comes to rewards, we don't get a lot from Trashy Humor achievement but if you need a small amount of Steller Jade to do Gacha or you don't have any more achievements to do you can try it. 

  • Trashy Humor Reward
    • Steller Jade x5

How to Complete Trashy Humor - Step by Step

In order to complete Trashy Humor achievement in Honkai Star Rail, you have to synthesize trash 10 times to meet the requirement and this is 4 steps to complete the task.

Honkai Star Rail Trashy Humor - Searching Trash Can - zilliongamerHonkai Star Rail Trashy Humor - Crafting - zilliongamer

  • 1. Get Recipes
    • To get recipes, you have to interact with NPC named Amo who can be found in Administrative District or You can go to Boulder Town and then interact with NPC named Maxime to get the recipe for Vomit Inducing Agent. 
  • 2. Searching for Trash
    • Find and interact with the trash can that has a shiny glowing thing on it.
  • 3. Purchase Basic Ingredients
    • You can purchase the basic ingredients that you need to craft from Administrative District Shop.
  • 4. Synthesize Punitive Food
    • Lastly, craft that Punitive food 10 times or 10 amounts of Punitive food to complete the achievement. (if you don't have the Synthesizer section in the menu, you need to do Hinkel's side quest at the Herta Space Station).

In Conclusion

Even though this achievement doesn't provide a lot of rewards but it is fun stuff to do after completing all the quests and you can get some stuff that can boost character during battle.

End of Trash Humor Guide.