Honkai Star Rail: Let go or Battle with Dan Shu?

Here is what you expect from the answer you chose by letting Dan Shu go or battle with them including all the tips and what you get by defeating them.

Should You Let Dan Shu Go or Battle With Dan Shu?

Honkai Star Rail: Let go or Battle with Dan Shu

Unlike Genshin Impact in some quests, your choices can have consequences. In the Sinners Misled, Credence Falsified mission you will be given 2 options to choose from. In this mission, you can Let Dan Shu go or Battle with Dan Shu so here is the result after you pick the answer:

Let Dan Shu Go

If you pick Let Dan Shu Go, Dan Shu will give you a small dialogue saying that she is upset that you became enemies with her. After that disciples will ask her to leave then she will leave.

Battle With Dan Shu

However, if you select this option, you will see Dan Shu leave and you will have to fight her two-wave disciples of Sanctus Medicus to continue with the Sinners Misled, Credence Falsified mission.

Here are enemies that expected to see in battle:

  • Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Internal Alchemist x2
  • Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Shape Shifter x1
  • Mara-Struck Soldier x2

When it comes to character choice, we recommend going with Wind, Ice, Imaginary, and Physical, and characters that have AoE skills or ATK are a plus.

What answer should you go for?

Even though you pick either of these answers you won't be able to fight with her. If you don't want to bother to go in battle you can pick let Dan Shu go. However, we recommend that you take a battle with Dan Shu in order to get some useful drops such as:

  • Immortal Scionette
  • Immortal Aeroblossom
  • Immortal Lumintwig

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