Honkai Star Rail Black Swan Leak: Abilities, Trace, & Release Date

Here is information related to Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail including her abilities, trace, talent, release date, and more.

Black Swan - Detail & Model Art

Let's take a look at the upcoming new character named Black Swan. She got revealed in Myriad Celestia Trailer: Fables about the Stars Part 1 which was uploaded on May 3, 2023.

Here is the image that we expect her to look like(This is a leaked concept art model):

Base on the image shows that She has silver long hair and a purple dress with a cap that looks like Layla from Genshin Impact.

Black Swan Path & Element

According to the leaked information, She is 5 stars character with a Wind element and comes from Path of Nihility. Since Nihility is a Path that characters debuffed enemies, she is a character that can help the team with her unique abilities and skill. Because of her rarity and path, she will become a really flexible character that can team up in any team comp you go with.

Black Swan Abilities -  Skill, Trace, & Talent

Based on the leaker image that translates from Chinese to English we got a sneak peek of info about her abilities.


  • Skill
    • Deals wind damage equal to 60% of Black Swan's ATK to a designated enemy and its adjacent targets, with a 100% base chance to reduce the defense of each enemy by 27.0 for 3 turns.
  • Ultimate
    • Deal wind damage equal to 96% of Black Swan's ATK power to the entire enemy team and strengthens the target's [ Fate Card ] reduce the target's effect resistance by 17.5% and can be considered as any 1 DMG overtime type negative status. The enhanced [ Fate Card ] does not reset its level after the target deals DMG at the beginning of its turn, and the effect has triggered a maximum of 1 time during the duration of the enhancement.
  • Passive
    • When an enemy target takes DMG over time, Black Swan has a 60% base chance to apply [ Fate Card ] to the target, which can be triggered 4 times per unit per action. The target of the [Fate Card] will take wind DMG equal to 155% of the Black Swan's ATK at the beginning of the turn. [ Fate Card ] has level mechanics, with an initial level of 1. Applying [ Fate Card ] again to a target that has already had it increases the level [ Fate Card ] by 1. When [ Fate Card ] deals damage at the beginning of the target's turn, it has additional effects depending on the level:
      Greater than or Equal to Level 1: Each level additionally increases DMG equal to 31% of Black Swan's ATK power.
      Greater than or Equal to Level 3: Deals additional DMG equal to 90% of the Original damage to adjacent targets.
      Greater than or Equal to Level 6: Ignores 22.5% of the target's defense.
      [Destiny Card] Resets the level to 1 at the beginning of the target's turn after dealing DMG.
  • Technique
    • After using the secret technique, draw 1 Fate Crystal (Physical, fire, lightning, or wind) that you do not already hold, up to a maximum of 4 Fate Crystals at the same time. When entering battle, Black Swan consumes all the Fate Crystal it holds, and for each one consumed, triggers a Weakness Break effect with a 100% DMG multiplier on each single enemy with a corresponding attribute weakness, depending on the attribute of the consumed Fate Crystal.


  • Trace 1
    • When casting Skill, there is a ?% base chance to apply [Tarot Card] to a single target.
  • Trace 2
    • When casting Basic ATK, Black Swan regenerates ? energy.
  • Trace 3
    • Enemies affected by DoT will deal less DMG to Black Swan.

Please take this as a grain of salt, this information is translated from Chinese and not fully correct.

Black Swan Release Date

There is no confirmation about the release date yet. However, there are rumors that she will be released at 1.2 with Kafka or pushed back to 1.3 so we expect to her be in the game soon.

In conclusion

Black Swan looks like a unique character with powerful abilities in Nihility Path. She is a flexible character that can use in any team comp. So we are excited to see what she can do when she comes into the game.

End of Black Swan Leak.