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Here is a guide about the Redhorn Stonethresher Claymore including stats, effects, how to get it, tips & tricks, and good for which character.

Redhorn Stonethresher Materials & Effect Bonus

Genshin Impact Claymore Redhorn Stonethresher

Redhorn Stonethresher is a 4-stars "Mighty Redhorn Stoic Stonetreshing Glided Goldcrushing Lion Lord" that can send any monster packing with its tail between its legs.

Redhorn StonethresherStats
Rarity:5 Stars
Base ATK:44.34
Secondary Stat:CRIT DMG
Sec Stat (Level 1):19.2%

Base Stats


Effect: Gokadaiou Otogibanashi

DEF is increased by 28%. Normal and Charged Attack DMG is increased by 40% of DEF.

Ascension Material

Here is a list of total materials, If you want to ascend this weapon to the maximum level to maximize full potential.

  • Narukami's Wisdom x5
  • Concealed Claw x23
  • Old Handguard x15
  • Narukami's Joy x14
  • Concealed Unguis x27
  • Kageuchi Handguard x23
  • Narukami's Affection x14
  • Concealed Talon x41
  • Famed Handguard x18
  • Narukami's Valor x4
  • Mora x225K

How to get Redhorn Stonethresher?

Epitome Invocation Wish Banner

You can obtain this Claymore by doing any wish or wish on Epitome Invocation Weapon Event Wish.

How to use Redhorn Stonethresher - Tip & Best for whom

Since this weapon has a passive that provides DEF, this will be great with characters who have skills that scale on DEF however you still can use this to boost Normal / Charge ATK DMG.

Best Characters

  • Itto
    • His signature weapon
    • Buff his Normal/Charged ATK DMG.
    • work well with his ATK since it scales on DEF.
  • Noelle
    • Increase her ATK that scales on DEF
    • Increase her Shield DMG Absorption
    • Buff her overall Normal/Charged ATK DMG.
  • Xinyan
    • Increase her ATK that scales on DEF
    • Buff her overall Normal/Charged ATK DMG.
  • Diluc
    • Buff his overall Normal/Charged ATK DMG.
    • Deal better DMG since he has high DEF.
  • Razor
    • Buff his overall Normal/Charged ATK DMG.

Is it worth it to get Redhorn Stonethresher?

  • Yes! If you use it on DEF Scaling Character
    • Because of its effect, there are only a few characters that can maximize the DMG effect like Itto and Noelle. However, it will be fine if you try to use it to get a Normal/Charged ATK DMG buff.

End of Redhorn Stonethresher Claymore.

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