Chaos Core

Chaos Core is in Common Ascension Material of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Chaos Core - zilliongamer

Description: Comes from ancient defunct relic structures. The core that once drove a mechanical beast. Should you come to understand its workings and reproduce it, you could perhaps change the world.

Item TypeCommon Ascension Material
Rarity4 Stars

How to get Chaos Core

There are 2 sources to obtain Chaos Core.

Crafting Type: Alchemy Genshin Impact Chaos Circuit - zilliongamer Chaos Circuit (x3)

Source 1: Dropped by Lv.60+ Ruin Guards

Source 2: Dropped by Lv. 60+ Ruin Hunter

How to Craft Chaos Core

NameImageCraft Type
Chaos CircuitGenshin Impact Chaos Circuit - zilliongamerAlchemy

Weapon That Use Chaos Core

Raven BowWolf's Gravestone
Sacrificial Fragments