Boreal Wolf's Broken Fang

Boreal Wolf's Broken Fang is in Weapon Ascension material of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Boreal Wolf's Broken Fang - zilliongamer

Description: The wolf pack also understands that humans are no solitary creatures. The honorary broken tooth is a prting gift said to bring protection and luck. In the Legends of a far-off world, a female wolf once adopted two great humans. Their home was known as the Cave of Wolves, or Lupercal - that word meaning the same thing as Lupical does in this world.

Item TypeWeapon Ascension Material
Rarity4 Stars

How to Get Boreal Wolf's Broken Fang

There is 1 source to obtain Boreal Wolf's Broken Fang:

  • Souce 1: Cecilia Garden.

Craft Usage

NameImageCraft Type
Boreal Wolf's NostalgiaGenshin Impact Boreal Wolf's Nostalgia Material - zilliongamerAlchemy

Weapon Ascension Usage

Boreal Wolf's Broken fang is use for ascension weapons below:

Weapon Name
Aquila Favonia

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