Genshin Impact Characters Leaks 1.1

Here is some information about a new character in Genshin Impact 1.1 including release date and character detail. 

New Characters Leaks

Genshin Impact Characters Leaks 1.1 - zilliongamer

There are 4 New Characters Leaked in this 1.1 major update such as Zhongli, Child, Xinyan, and Dionna. It will be released on 12 October (expected).

Here are a revealing image and some detail about these new characters.


Genshin Impact Character Leaks : Zhongli - zilliongamer

Zhongli is a 5 Stars Character, who has a GEO Vision(Earth) and uses a polearm as a weapon. In Adventure Rank main story quest you might recognize him. Zhongli was a part of Beta, But he wasn't voice acted at that time. So save those wishes if you want him in your party.


Genshin Impact Character Leaks : Childe - zilliongamer

Childe is a 5 Stars Character, who has a Hydro Vision(Water) and uses a polearm as a weapon. Childe is one of the Liyue to head the funding for the city's finances. He was first seen in the 2nd Closed beta test but was not available as a playable character.


Genshin Impact Character Leaks : Xinyan - zilliongamer

Xinyan is a 4 Stars Character, who has a Pyro Vision(Fire). We not sure about what kind of unique weapon she uses but it looks like a guitar either we don't know her weapon type. She is mentioned as being a well-known performer in the region of Liyue, where during the climax of her show, she uses pyrotechnic.


Genshin Impact Character Leaks : Dionna - zilliongamer

Dionna is a 4 Stars Character, who has Cryo Vision(Frost). We aren't sure about what kind of weapon she uses. In the city of Mondstadt, there are fliers all over the city that mentioned Dionna as a bartender in a place called The Cats Tail.

Base on the image, She's got Cryo shapes all around her, with a few different symbols, such as the+ sign for health, so she could be a healer