Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Event

Find out all information about the new event Theater Machanicus in Genshin Impact including the requirement to participate, event duration, event details, and rewards you will get.

Theater Mechanicus Overview

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Travelers can check the relevant quests in the "Theater Mechanicus" event page. Each completed quest will award you will a certain number of Peace Talismans, which can then be used in the Xiao Market to exchange for rewards.

Event Duration

Theater Mechanicus will available on the following date below:

  • Event Start: 2021/02/10 10:00 (Server Time)
  • Event End: 2021/02/28 03:59 (Server Time)

Event Requirement

In order to participate in the Theater Mechanicus Event, you need to reach the requirement below:

  • Complete "The Origin of the Lanterns" and "Liyue: Theater Mechanicus" quests to unlock the "Theater Mechanicus" challenge.

Event Details

"Theater Mechanicus" consists of 6 Stages. Unlocking the next Stage in line gives you access to a correspondingly higher difficulty, raises the max level of Mechanici, and increases the upper limit of the Veneficus Sigils you can possess. The particular unlock criteria for each Stage are as follows:

StageHighest Challengeable DifficultyVeneficus Mechanicus Max LevelMaximum Veneficus SigilsUnlock Criteria
Stage 1Difficulty 2Lv.4900Complete "The Origin of the Lanterns" and "Liyue: Theater Mechanicus"
Stage 2Difficulty 3Lv.51050
Stage 3Difficulty 4Lv.61200Reach the "Guests Flock From Afar" stage of Festive Fever
Stage 4Difficulty 5Lv.71350
Stage 5Difficulty 6Lv.81500Reach the "Glow of a Thousand Lanterns" stage of Festive Fever
Stage 6Special Mode: Blink of an EyeLv.102000

Event Rewards

The "Theater Mechanicus" challenge consists of 8 difficulty levels. The more difficult the challenge, the higher the reward multiplier. To unlock the next difficulty in line, you must first unlock the corresponding Stage and complete the challenge on the previous difficulty.

DifficultyReward Multiplier
Special Mode: Blink of an Eye3

Rewards you may get:

  • Crown of Insight
  • Namecard style "Celebration: Lantern-Light"
  • Peace Talismans

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