Genshin Impact Stand By Me Best 4 star Character

Here is a guide about how to decide which Genshin Impact best 4 Stars Character in Stand By Me event that you should put in your team.

Genshin Impact Stand By Me Best Characters

Stand By Me Best 4 Stars Character - zilliongamer

In the Lantern Rite, there is an option that players can exchange one 4 star Character such as Xiangling, Xinyan, Beidou, Xingqiu, Ningguang, and Chongyun. In order to obtain these character player must earn 1000 Peace Talisman by playing Theater Mechanicus to redeem the character. 

So which is the best character in Stand By Me? Here is some idea on how to choose them to fit your team comp.


Genshin Impact Stand By Me Best Character: Xiangling - zilliongamer

Xiangling is a 4 Stars Pyro Character that using Polearm as a Weapon. Xiangling has great elemental reaction skills which appear that she is a Sub-DPS. Even though, Xiangling is a Sub-DPS she can output some great damage which is possible to build her as DPS. So if you need Pyro Support, Xiangling is a great option to go with.

Xiangling Build, Weapon, & Artifact


Genshin Impact Stand By Me Best Character: Xinyan - zilliongamer

Another Pyro 4 Stars Character is Xinyan who uses Claymore as a Weapon. If you don't have a Pyro Main DPS like Diluc, Xinyan is the best option even though she is a 4 stars Character she can output a ton of Damage if you build her as Pyro Damage or Physical Damage similar to Razor. You can build her as a Sub-DPS as well because of her strong shield and her elemental burst.

Xinyan Build, Weapon, & Artifact


Genshin Impact Stand By Me Best Character: Beidou - zilliongamer

Beidou is a 4 Stars Electro Character that using Claymore as a Weapon. Besides razor, we have Beidou who is also Electro Main DPS who has an amazing counter elemental skill that converts enemies damage to output more damage. She has a great elemental burst which can apply electro even you change to another character. So, if you need an Electro DPS in your team Beidou will be the best.

Beidou Build, Weapon, & Artifact


Genshin Impact Stand By Me Best Character: Ningguang - zilliongamer

Ningguang is a 4 Stars Geo Character that using Catalyst as a Weapon. Ningguang is the only Geo DPS who has a powerful Elemental Burst. Not only deal a ton of damage, but Ningguang also provides an elemental shield. So if you need a powerful damage GEO DPS you can't go wrong with Ningguang.

Ningguang Build, Weapon, & Artifact


Genshin Impact Stand By Me Best Character: Chongyun - zilliongamer

Chongyun is a 4 Stars Cryo Character that using Claymore as a Weapon. Chongyun AOE Cryo Elemental skill that applies AOE Cryo elemental that made him a Sub DPS Character. You can build him as DPS as well depend on your play style. Chongyun will be a decent Cryo DPS if you don't have Ganyu.

Chongyun Build, Weapon, & Artifact


Genshin Impact Stand By Me Best Character: Xingqiu - zilliongamer

Xingqiu is a 4 stars Hydro character that using Sword as a Weapon. One of the best Sub-DPS, Xingqiu Hydro elemental burst deal high Hydro damage which you can apply to enemies eventhough you change the character. So, if you need a Hydro Sub DPS Xingqiu will be best out there.

Xingqiu Build, Weapon, & Artifact

End of Genshin Impact Stand By Me Guide.