Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations Map Guide

Here are all Geoculus Locations in Genshin Impact. Find out more about how to get it and more.


Genshin Impact Geoculus - zilliongamer

Geoculus is a gold orb that can be found around Liyue. These can be offered to any Statue of The Seven in Liyue for rewards.

Geoculus Locations

Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations - zilliongamer

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Most of them are located in hidden and hard to reach places. There are 131 of Geoculus in the Teyvat World.

How to get Geoculus

Carefully Check Around That Area

Under Bridge Geoculus Locations - zilliongamer

Cave Geoculus Locations - zilliongamer

Most of Geoculus are hiddeninside cave, house, ruin, bridge, on the roof, rock(blow up), and under the foot of the statue. So make sure you check these things around that shining icon on your mini-map.

Climbing And Gliding

Top Roof Geoculus Locations - zilliongamer

Tree Geoculus Locations - zilliongamer

Geoculus usually appear on the tree, top roof, and mountain. In order to reach it, you have to climb to near a mountain or house then use your wing to glide.

Use Cryo Character To Freeze Water To Create Path

Water Geoculus Locations - zilliongamer

Some of Geoculus appear in the middle of the water so, in order to reach it, you have to use Cyro skill to freeze then walk on it.

Use Your Geo Character Skill To Create Scaffold

Use Geo Skill To Get Geoculus Locations - zilliongamer

This method requires you to use your main character (Geo Vision) then use your skill to create a Scaffold so you can jump and get that Geoculus. it only works in some cases when Geoculus isn't too high.

Use Geo Skill On The Plate To Activate The Wind

Plate Geoculus Locations - zilliongamer

If you see Geoculus floating on the air and there isn't a mountain around it. Try to look for this plate, you can use it to activate the wind flow so you can glide to reach it. Some of them require different elements to unlock it.

Use Anemo Skill On The Windmill Plant

Windmill Plant Geoculus Locations - zilliongamer

When you see Windmill Plant under Geoculus, you can use Anemo skill on it to activate a wind path and glide to reach it.

Use Geo Skill On The Geo Monument

Geo Puzzle Geoculus Locations - zilliongamer

Sometimes Geoculus will appear after you use Geo Skill on Geo Monument.

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