Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations Map Guide

Here are all Anemoculus locations in Genshin Impact. Find out more about how to get it and more.


Genshin Impact Anemoculus - zilliongamer

Anemoculus is a blue orb that can be found around Monstadt. These can be offered to any Statue of The Seven in Mondstadt for rewards. 

Anemoculus Locations

Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations - zilliongamer

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Most of them are hiddenisland, and high point places. There are 66 of Anemoculus in the world. However, you only need 65 to fully upgrading the Monstadt Statue of The Seven.

How to get Anemoculus in Eastern 

Use Cryo To Create Path ( Starfell Valley)

Create Frost Path To Get Anemoculus - zilliongamer

Use Cryo characters to freeze the water if you can't swim that far. In order to do it faster, you should pick two Cryo ( add Anemo to extend the path).

Follow Seelies (Galesong Hill)

Follow Seelies To Get Anemoculus - zilliongamer

Follow the seelies in the Edge of the continent in order to unlock wind.

Enter The Warp Hole

Enter The Warp Hole To Get Anemoculus - zilliongamer

After you unlock the wind, use your wing to glide into The Warp Hole. it will bring you to the last Anemoculus.

How to get Anemoculus in Southern

Use Anemo Character

Most of Anemosculus in Southern require to solve puzzle in order to open the pathway.

Activate Wind Path To Get Anemoculus - zilliongamer

Looking for unactivated wind shrine and chose Anemo character to solve the puzzle then collect wind particle and use your skill to create wind flow into the air vent.

Reach AR 18 To Unlock Part 3 Map

There are a lot of Anemoculus in the Stomterror area. In order to obtain those Anemoculus, you have to reach AR 18 or Higher to unlock part 3 map.

How to get Anemoculus in North East

Climb to Higher Point or Mountain 

Climb to Higher Point or Mountain To Get Anemoculus - zilliongamer

Most of East North Anemoculus are located in high places, so in order to reach that high point you should climb to a higher point or mountain and use your wing to glide to Anemoculus.

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