Genshin Impact Lumindouce Bell Location Map Guide

Here is some information related to the Lumidouce Bell location including how to farm, the location, and Characters that use this flower to ascend.

Lumindouce Bell is a serene and tranquil violet flower. It has a light, soft, and lasting scent and is often used for making luxurious perfumes.

Lumindouce Bell in Fontaine

Genshin Impact Fontaine Lumindouce Bell Flower - zilliongamer

Fontaine is an upcoming new region that will bring new content such as Quest, Bosses, and new characters. Since there is a new character coming up there are also new regional specialties for Fontaine as well. Lumindouce Bell is one of the flowers that grow in the Fontaine region. This flower will be important for new characters to level up the character. There are 25 Lumindouce Bell locations you can farm in Fontaine and in each flower, you can get 3 flowers from it. However, there will be 75 in total if you collect all of them at one time won't be enough for max out character level. As you already know that the regional specialties will respawn every 48 so you can farm more to complete the character ascension.

How to Get - Lumindouce Bell Map Location

Genshin Impact Fontaine Lumindouce Bell Flower Map Location - zilliongamer

This Map is taken from Genshin Impact Teyvat Interactive Map

Since Lumindouce Bell grow up, here is a map location that will help you farm it faster This flower has a blue color which is easy to spot in the grass. Besides these locations, you can also obtain these flowers by talking to Potier in the Court of Fontaine.

Characters that use Lumindouce Bell

Because of this Lumindouce Bell is a new material, so there must be a new character to use this as well. Lynette is a new character that needs this flower to upgrade her level, so gathering these flowers will be a thing to do if you want to maximize Lynette's level.

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