Genshin Impact All Fontaine Quests Guide

Here is information related to Genshin Impact Fontaine region quest including quest list and rewards in the game.

Genshin Impact All Fontaine Quest

Genshin Impact Fontaine Quest Guide

In this new update, Genshin Impact brings a new region called "Fontaine" which brings new content, character, boss, quest, and story. The most important thing in the Fontaine region is a quest that provides some activities for the player to enjoy, explore, and solve. In this version, Mihoyoverse provides a great amount of quests to keep players entertained. 

Here is a list of World Quest in Fontaine in Genshin Impact:

  • A Certain Noice
  • "Hey, This Isn't Pumpkin Soup"
  • "If She No Longer Dreams of You.."
  • A Brush of Seafoam and Crimson
  • A Certain Stamp
  • A Certain Trifle
  • A Fontanian Message
  • A Gradient of Dreams and Ochre
  • Ancient Colors
  • Ann of the Narzissenkreuz
  • Another Horizon of Adventure
  • Aqueous Tidemarks
  • Blue Longing of Heart and Moon
  • Danger Lurks Everywhere in Fontaine
  • Echoes of the Ancient World
  • Fishing Game
  • Good Stuff, but Terrible Taste
  • In Expert Company Part 1
  • In Expert Company Part 2
  • Kingdom Through the Looking Glass
  • Self - Automatic Foraging
  • Seymour's Story: Prologue
  • Steambird Interview
  • Still Mouthwatering!
  • Strange Stone Chronicle
  • The Final Question
  • The Fountain Flows Again
  • The Lone Phantom Stal
  • The Narzissenkreuz Adventure
  • The Three Primary Colors of Solar Corona
  • Truly Mouthwatering!
  • Unfinished Story
  • Upon a Flowery Field of Grass
  • Were It So Easy

How to Unlock More World Quest in Fontaine

In order to complete all the quests you have to complete the parts of the Fontaine Archon Quests such as Chapter 4: Act 1 and Chapter 4: Act 2.

In Conclusion

With this new Fontaine region update, we do have a lot of quests to do which give you more rewards from Adventure Rank as well as receive Primogem and Item Rewards.

End of Genshin Impact All Fontaine Quest