Golden Raven Insignia

Golden Raven Insignia is in Common Ascension material of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Golden Raven Insignia - zilliongamer

Description: A raven insignia that symbolizes the pride and the guiding principle of the Treasure Hoarders. Whether it's hidden amidst the vastness of the land or in the depths of the seas, as long as there are treasures to be hunted down, the spirit of Treasure Hoarders, who will stop at nothing to acquire them, will never die.

Item TypeCommon Ascension Material
Rarity3 Star

How to Get Golden Raven Insignia

There is a source to obtain Golden Raven Insignia:

  • Source 1: Dropped by Lv. 60+ Treasure Hoarders

How to Craft the Golden Raven Insignia

NameImageCraft Type
Silver Raven InsigniaGenshin Impact Silver Raven Insignia - zilliongamerAlchemy

Character That Use Golden Raven Insignia

Genshin Impact character: Beidou - zilliongamerBeidouGenshin Impact character: Bennett - zilliongamerBennett
Genshin Impact character: Kaeya - zilliongamerKaeya 

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