Diablo Immortal Improvement Update from Closed Beta

Diablo Immortal development team has just dropped an improvement update from the closed beta that was released from October to early January last year. During the testing period, participants had the chance to play a breath of new content and features, including the Necromancer class, Cycle of Strife Updates, Set Items, Helliquary Updates, and Controller Support.

General Updates

Social & Group-Play Improvements

The developer of Diablo Immortal tries to improve on solo and group play in Bounties. Some players want to play solo and some want to play in the group according to feedback from Closed Beta. Moreover, developers will adjust bounties so that they are exclusively solo and making the Shadows' Contracts more flexible in the future. Players may be able to choose whether they want to play all-solo or all-group content.

Raid Improvements

The Helliquary in Closed Beta required massive 8-payers to enter the event dungeon. Some players experienced difficulty finding party members. Developers will try to release one new Helliquary boss every month and provide multiple difficulty levels for each boss. They also will improve the grouping, matchmaking, and raid management tools in the future.

Battle Pass & In-Game Purchases Feedback

Diablo states that they try to keep Diablo's core gameplay, killing demons and getting gears, accessible. Purchasing in the game are completely optional and should not detract from your gameplay experience. According to feedback, many players want the purchase to be a good value. Developers are trying to evaluate to improve the Boon of Plenty for more valuable and worthwhile.

Controller Support Update

Diablo's developer team wants the controller's presence to be detected and wants to handle connecting and disconnecting the controller more seamlessly and make controllers work in all-game menus. They will improve controller support for the global release of the game.

Warband Improvements

Warbands were implemented to encourage small, consistent groups of players to play together regularly. They will expand Warbands to be for groups of 8 players and additional features to make Warband feel like a close circle of friends.

System Updates

Set Items Improvements

They implemented a new end-game gear system to enable players to fill secondary gear slots with Set Items. When players wore a sufficient number of items from the same Set, the character received an additional bonus. They are also looking at adding new sets to the game and balance in the existing sets so they support and complement particular builds and playstyles.

Cycle of Strife Overhaul

The core structure of the Cycle of Strife will no longer revolve around Dark Houses and a final Immortal group. Instead, the Cycle of Strife will be based on Clans competing with one another. To improve the social experience, they are empowering Clan with the ability to become a Dark Clan. After a player's clan is made, the clan's members will join the Shadow together. Winning Dark Clan will become Immortal Clan. When the Immortals' reign ends, the Immortal Clan will return to a normal Clan as the Cycle begins anew.

World Paragon Improvements

World Paragon system is added in the Closed Beta test and it worked well. They want no limits on players' playtime; no energy system. The system help players who play different amount of time each day can still play together as a team. 

Players will earn Paragon Levels when they reach max level in Diablo immortal that improve loot and progress along Paragon Trees to make character more powerful and customized.

Each server has a World Paragon Level that rises by two levels each day. You will gain increased experience if your Paragon Level is below the World Paragon. However, if your level is more than four levels above the World Paragon, your experience is penalized. 

Item salvage is used to increase the rank of your items, adding additional stats and affixes. World Paragon will no longer penalize the salvage received, so players will be able to gather items as long as they like, and Paragon Levels earned will no long per penalize how much salvage they receive.

Developers plan to increase the salvage materials needed to advance items at very high ranks which means all players can reach sixteen Legendaries but the active players will reach even higher ranks. Very active players will still be powerful from higher item ranks and have more choices of Legendary and Set Items. This system will slow down very active players not getting so far ahead of their friends who have less time to play.


Diablo Immortal is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game), and an important part of any MMO is the friendships you form and the sense of community you belong in. Diablo Immortal had finished their Closed Beta test and received a lot of feedback from players which help them to improve the game before its official launch in 2022.