R301 vs Flatline: Best Assault RIfle in Apex Legends Mobile

Now after 2 seasons of Apex Legends Mobile we're all accept that R301 and Flatline are the best assault rifle to use however the debate still continue and this topic is very hard to decide that which are the best of the best between R301 and Flatline in Apex Legends Mobile.

Let's dive into the in-depth comparison between the two guns starting with R301 and Flatline after.

Why R301 is better than Flatline?

R301 Apex Legends Mobile vs Flatline - zilliongamer

When it come to precision and recoil management the R301 is on top of the list, this gun is a laser beam for any range even the Flatline can't match this gun specs. 

The R301 is also a light ammo gun which mean that you can pick up way higher ammo than the Flatline heavy ammo, and you hardly care about running out of ammo.

Range Wise the R301 is far more superior combine with the recoil of the gun it is much easier and better to use for mid and long range combat.

The other things that make R301 better than the Flatline is the reload time, in Apex Legends Mobile reload time even 5 milliseconds slower than your enemy can put you at a disadvantage so yeah the R301 having faster reload time is another aspect to contribute.

Why Flatline is better than R301?

An unpopular opinion that is morally acceptable, some players just like to have higher damage in their guns, this way the Flatline is superior than the R301 because it has 4 damage higher.

Flatline Apex Legends Mobile vs R301 - zilliongamer

Having higher damage helps fasten the time to kill of the weapon without contribute the recoil and precision the Flatline indeed kill faster than the R301, especially in close range. 

However when we start to talk about the recoil and long range combat that is where the comparison is on a very thin line, If you can manage to control all the Flatline recoil shot, then you'll like this gun more than the R301.

Even though the Flatline has lower range than the R301 it also need less shot to kill the enemies in close range, so if you manage to hit all the shots is is much better to stick with the Flatline.

Another thing that make Flatline a better gun than the R301 is that it has higher base magazine with 2 ammo extra, it's not much but sometime that 2 ammo can come in handy.

Conclusion - Which is better than which?

Well, we hate to say it. It is purely personal preference, and highly based on your playstyles, if you a heavy ammo kind of guys go with the Flatline, but if you a recoil perfectionist and always beam enemies no matter what range pick up the R301.

End of R301 vs Flatline Guides