Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1

Find the best loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 here. Choose the best weapon combo based your playstyle or situation to help you win more gunfight in your match.

Close Range Loadout

These loadout fit best with Entry Fragger legends  like Wraith, Octane, Caustic, Fade... where 85% of the gunfight occur in close quarter, choose one of these weapon combo to increase your chance of winning gunfight.

R-301 & R-99

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: R-301 & R-99 - zilliongamer

Using the R-301 & R-99 is the best close range loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1, two of the best guns make a deadly combo with R-99 as the primary for close quarter and R-301 as secondary for close to mid range, both guns has low recoil and fast fire rate which can melt enemy very fast when hitting all the shots.

One of the perk when using this loadout is that both R-301 and R-99 use the same ammo type so you can stack a lot of ammo and won't need to loot other ammo type.

R-99 & EVA-8 Auto

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: R-99 & EVA-8 Auto - zilliongamer

This loadout is for those that like running shotgun, the EVA-8 auto is a great shotgun to run with the R-99, this combo is strictly close range and very strong when you fight against multiple enemies in one time.

When having no time to reload your R-99, the EVA-8 auto can come in clutch to fight against your enemies. The same to when you running out of EVA-8 auto ammo you can take out the R-99 to finish your target.

Both R-99 and EVA-8 Auto is a ground loot weapon so it is easy to get this loadout, but like I said this loadout is strictly for close range, when mid range it can be a little hard, to counter this you will need to use your legend ability to get close to the enemy then proceed to unleash this loadout power.

Volt & Mastiff

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Volt & Mastiff - zilliongamer

This loadout is similar to the loadout above but with different type of weapon, for those who like Volt smg, very accurate and confident with their aim this loadout is perfect for them, the volt deal vey high damage in close range as well as the Masiff hit like a truck, it is very easy to go for multiple kills with this loadout.

Having the volt as your primary can also allows you to hit enemy in mid range as well, so this loadout is not as oriented toward close range as the second loadout.

You can swap the Mastiff to other shotgun if you don't like the feels of Mastiff, maybe swap it to EVA-8 auto or peacekeeper you can find one.

Wingman & Peacekeeper

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Wingman & Peacekeeper - zilliongamer

This is a very good loadout for those who has great wingman aim because the gun deal very high damage with only 3 to 4 shots you can eliminate an enemy easily, however if you miss the whole mag you can still whip out the peacekeeper to secure your kills.

Despite putting this combo in close range loadout you can also use Wingman in mid range encounter as well and it's surprisingly good, if you never use the Wingman give it a try it is a really underrated gun.

You can also replace Peacekeeper with other shotgun or if you don't like the shotgun at all you can replace it to like the R-301, R-99 smg or Volt, you don't need to follow this whole loadout 100%.

Mid Range Hybrid Loadout

These loadout fit perfectly for Secondary Fragger legends like Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Bangalore and more which are good in dealing damage in mid range as well as close range with their ability to support the Entry Fragger role.

Flatline + R-301

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Flatline & R-301 - zilliongamer

Two of the best all-range gun the Flatline combo with R-301 is the best mid range loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1, with the low recoil of the both gun, the great damage, and the high accuracy when firing, this loadout is perfect for every type of players that like dealing damage from a range before the enemy spot them.

Although the Flatline know as a long reload time weapon, you can still swap out to the R-301 when you don't want to reload your FL, the R-301 on the other hand also a beast in mid range it can beam enemy even better than the Flatline.

However, when using this loadout you will have to manage your ammo type so ask yourself which weapon you use the most, the Flatline or the R-301? and manage it that way.

Devotion LMG + Volt

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Devotion LMG + Volt - zilliongamer

This is a great loadout for LMG players with the combo of Devotion and Volt and you can feel comfortable when fighting in both mid and close range. Getting the Turbocharge on Devotion will make this loadout even better.

Using the Devotion for mid range encounter than when the fight progress to close range whip out your Volt to finish the business. This loadout deal very high damage and most importantly it share the same energy ammo type so you don't have to stress on managing your backpack, just stack em as much as you want.

As you can see in this meta there are a lot of Devotion spam, that is because it is literally the best lmg to use right now, so if you beat them join'em.

Longbow + R-301

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Longbow & R-301 - zilliongamer

One of the best loadout for Apex Predator lobby right now is this weapon combo, the higher rank you climb the more Longbow you see your enemies spamming, the Longbow is one of the best weapon use for dealing mid to long range damage, and it is very easy to use, with 3 shots to knock a purple shield enemy, it's a no brainer to not try it out.

Having Longbow for mid range is helpful enough let alone pair it with the trusty R-301 you cant just go wrong with this combo. The R-301 can be use to finish your low health enemy or defending a team that push you and Longbow is use for picking off enemy from range. As simple as it sound you will also need some time to get used to the bullet travel time of the Longbow.

Triple Take + Devotion LMG

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Triple Take & Devotion LMG - zilliongamer

Another Sniper combo for mid range loadout is the Triple Take and Devotion. This loadout output great mid range damage with the Triple Take dealing huge damage and devotion use for cover fire or spam movement. However it require you to have a decent aim to hit your sniper shots.

It is also reminded that to find a turbocharge for your Devotion so that you can have a better chance of winning fight when enemy is pushing you in close range. Having a gun that is good for mid range is great but make sure your defend is also strong enough when fighting a team that is pushing you.

If you don't like the Triple Take you can replace it with the Longbow or the Sentinel, and a must pick if you find the Kraber .50.

All-Rounder Loadout

These loadout focus on those who play as an In-game leader or Supporter that spend a lot of time leading the squad or assisting them on going for an aggressively plays, these loadout might be just right for you.

R-301 + Sentinel

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: R-301 & Sentinel - zilliongamer

This is the best all rounder loadout for the Squad IGL, using the Sentinel to break enemy shield allows your Entry fragger to initiate the fight with higher advantage of winning gunfight on your side.

The R-301 dose it job when it come to close and mid range engagement, just need to be more aware of your surrounding because most of the time you will be the backbone of your team, and even though you can engage with every enemies doesn't mean you should.

R-99 + Longbow

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: R-99 & Longbow - zilliongamer

This is a hybrid loadout for a supporter that mostly engage enemies in either long or close range. Having the longbow to start fighting enemies for long range then swap out to R-99 smg for close range combat.

If you don't like the Longbow you can swap it to other gun based on your preference.

Volt + Flatline

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Volt & Flatline - zilliongamer

This is a very good loadout if you like to run double auto that can engage enemies in any range, with the Volt smg dealing damage in close range and the Flatline deal damage for mid to long range. This loadout overall is very good for an In-game leader that provide support in intense situation most of the time.

This is a classic loadout that can output a lot of damage however the ammo type is split between energy and heavy ammo so watch out your ammo management.

Sentinel + Devotion LMG

Best Loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1: Sentinel & Devotion LMG - zilliongamer

This is a good loadout for Sniper / LMG players that like to start the fight by breaking enemy shield so the entry fragger can initiate the team fight easier. Using the Devotion is very good for close to mid range.

When using Devotion LMG it is even better to get the Turbocharger hop up so that you can eliminate enemies easier. The range for this loadout is very good.


In short, These are all the best loadout in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 that you can choose to use based on your playstyle and situation. If you're an aggressive players choose the one out of the close range loadout, or if you are an in-game leader you can use the All-Rounder loadouts.