Zenless Zone Zero Disk Drive

Here is a list of Disk Drive Sets in Zenless Zone Zero that are divided into 2 tiers including their stats and effect.

Zenless Zone Zero Disk Drive

Zenless Zone Zero Disk Drive - zilliongamer

Disk Drives are items in Zenless Zone Zero that can be equipped on Agents to gain additional stats and effect.

Similar to Honkai Star Rail Relic, you have 6 spots to use Disk Drives to get additional effects based on the pieces you equipped.

How to Obtain

You can obtain Disk Drive by purchasing them from an in-game shop called the Music Store.

Disk Drive Tier 1 Sets

These sets are available at the start of the game. You can find this in B and A Rank Disk Drives.

Assassin's Ballad

  • (2) 10% ATK
  • (4) Basic Attacks deal 20% more damage and an additional 12% upon defeating an enemy. This effect can stack up to times and lasts for 15s. Repeated triggers reset the duration.

Doom Grindcore

  • (2) 10% PEN Ratio
  • (4) When an Assist Attack is launched, recover 10 Energy. This effect can trigger once every 15s.

Ecstatic Punk

  • (2) 16% DEF
  • (4) On defeating an enemy, recover 1% HP.

Mammoth Electro

  • (2) 16% DEF
  • (4) Damage to wearer is reduced by 8%.

Monsoon Funk

  • (2) 20 Attribute Mastery
  • (4) When inflicting Attribute Anomaly effects on an enemy, increase Attribute Mastery by 22, stacking up to 3 times.

Noisy Pop

  • (2) 10% ATK
  • (4) Damage dealt by Basic Attacks is increased by 15%.

Twisted Grindcore

  • (2) 10% HP
  • (4) Increases damage caused by Bangboo by 45%. This effect does not stack.

Unicorn Electro

  • (2) 6% Impact
  • (4) Daze inflicted by the wearer's attacks is increased by 6%.

Vagabond Folk

  • (2) 6% Impact
  • (4) Increase Daze caused by Dodge Counters, EX Special Attacks, and Assist Attacks by 16%.

Disk Drive Tier 2 Sets

These sets are available at level 30. You can find this in A and S Rank Disk Drives.

Chaotic Metal

  • (2) 10% Ether DMG
  • (4) Upon hitting a Corrupted enemy, increase CRIT Rate by 36% for 8s. This effect can be triggered once every 8s.

Fanged Metal

  • (2) 12% Physical DMG
  • (4) When an Assault is triggered, increase PEN ratio by 40% for 6s.

Freedom Blues

  • (2) 20 Attribute Mastery
  • (4) Increase damage caused by Attribute Anomaly by 30%. When an EX Special Attack hits an enemy, reduce the target's Attribute Anomaly Resistance to the corresponding attribute by 30% for 8s. This effect does not stack with others of the same attribute.

Hormone Punk

  • (2) 16% CRIT DMG
  • (4) Chain and Assist Attacks deal 25% increased damage. When entering combat or switching into battle, increase ATK by 25% for 7.5s This effect can trigger once every 20s.

Inferno Metal

  • (2) 10% Fire DMG
  • (4) Upon hitting a Burnt enemy, increase ATK by 40% for 6s.

Polar Metal

  • (2) 10% Ice DMG
  • (4) Upon hitting a Frozen enemy or triggering Shatter, reduce the struck target's Ice RES by 28% for 8s. This effect does not stack.

Puffer Electro

  • (2) 10% PEN Ratio
  • (4) Increase DEF by 10% for every 10 Energy owned.

Shockstar Disco

  • (2) 6% Impact
  • (4) When an enemy is Stunned, the entire squad's ATK is increased by 20% for 10s. This effect can trigger once every 15s and does not stack.

Soul Rock

  • (2) 16% DEF
  • (4) The entire squad takes 12% less damage. This effect does not stack.

Thunder Metal

  • (2) 10% Electric DMG
  • (4) Upon hitting a Shocked enemy, the struck target takes 30% more damage for 6s. This effect does not stack.

Woodpecker Electro

  • (2) 8% CRIT Rate
  • (4) When a Basic Attack/EX Special Attack/Dodge Counter triggers a CRIT, gain a stack of 16% CRIT DMG increases for 5s. The duration of each stack is independent of the others.

End of Zenless Zone Zero Disk Drive Sets.