Warcraft Rumble Patch Notes 4.0.0 News & Adjustments

Find all adjustments to Leader and Troop minis in Warcraft Rumble patch notes 4.0.0 featuring Structural changes, PVP Improvements and more.

Leaders Adjustments

Baron Rivendare

Passive skeletons will no longer spawn from under-construction towers and meeting stones.

Cairne Bloodhoof

Cairne should now retain Bloodlust after resurrecting via the Rebirth talent during Bloodsport Surges.

Emperor Thaurissan

Emperor Thaurissan now has the Bombard trait.

Tirion Fordring

Tirion's Divine Shield Talent should now properly ignore damage from an enemy Drakkisath.

Troops Adjustments

Angry Chickens

  • Angry Chickens using the Walking Crate Talent should no longer be immune to Polymorph.
  • Angry Chickens using the Walking Crate Talent should no longer be hit by ranged enemies below them while crossing a bridge.

Core Hounds

Core Hound's Guard Dog Talent should now deal 50% extra damage, as intended, was 150% extra damage.

Gnoll Brute

Gnoll Brute's Pillage Talent should now properly Sneed's ""Sneed Before Green" bonus.

Gryphon Rider

Gryphon Rider's Mighty Throw Talent should no longer cause her to switch targets sporadically.


Huntress' Darnassian Steel Talent should no longer grant her an unintended +1 range.

S.A.F.E Pilot

S.A.F.E Pilot using the Gnomish Cloaking Device talent will now properly attack while Bloodlusted.

Spiderlings and Plague Farmer

Spiderlings and Plague Farmer have been given the "Elemental" Trait as intended, due to their non-Physical damage type.

Spells Adjustments


Blizzard's Cold Snap Talent should now properly stop enemy movement, even when the enemy has speed buff.

Cheat Death

Cheat Death's Vampirism Talent Should now properly trigger when affected Minis deal damage to a boss.

Improvements & News

PVP Improvements: Structural Changes

  • Maps will now be selected at random when you match with an opponent. Embrace the CHaos and Keep things fresh!.
  • The previously rotating "Map" modifier will be replaced with a new Modifier type, Enchants.
    • The PvP experience will now be defined by a Tower Type, Mod, and Enchant, occuring on the existing 6 week rotation, offset 2 weeks from each other.
    • Enchants evolve  as the match progresses. The first Enchant this season is Collateral Damage, which causes players' Bases to take damage whenever a Tower they control is captured!
    • Some existing Mod types have been moved to the Enchant category, with new Mods arriving to take their place!
    • Keep an eye out for a new Mod "Bounty Hunt" later this Season! Bounty Hunt awards players a bonus gold for every 5 enemy Minis they kill.

Additional PvP Improvements

  • PvP wins will now award 2 reward pips in player's Daily Rewards!
  • PvP wins wil now re-roll Green Quests!
  • Players will earn slightly more Honor if the Leader being played:
    • Is below the average honor of their top 3 leaders.
    • Has fallen below that Leader's peak honor for the current Season.
    • Has won several matches in a row is considered to be on a "win streak".
  • Treasure Chests will now spawn 15 seconds after a match begins, rather than immediately, giving players some time to contest!
  • Resolved a rare situation where players would be silently matched with a "ghost" game and lose honor if they left the PvP queue before matching with another player.
  • Resolved a visual issue where Minis would sometimes not appear to return to the tray if Players decided not to deploy them after dragging them out of the tray.

Additional News


Players can now use their equipped Emotes in Guild Chat!

Arclight Surge

The "Arclight Surge Started" popup will now only indicate the currently surging zone(s), as intended.


  • Mini info and Talent info can now be viewed for relevant items in the G.R.I.D!
  • Talents in the G.R.I.D. will now display the name of the Mini they belong to.


  • Aegis of Battle should now cause critical striking Minis to deal 2x damage as intended, was 3x damage.
  • Shadowblade's description has been updated to clarify how its bonus damage works.
  • New Relics have been added into the pool! Play some Dungeons and try them out!
    • Blooodlust Epaulets - Your Minis gain Bloodlust below 50% health.
    • Vanishing Powder - Your Minis cast Smoke Bomb at 50% health, Stealthing nearby allies.
    • Escape Potion - At 50% health, your Minis Blink, teleporting backward. Note: This Relic is temporarily disabled while we address a bug.
    • Absorption Drape - Spells leave behind a mana crystal, granting Resist to the first ally who touches it.
    • Heart of Fire - On death, your Minis leave behind a Heart of Fire, granting double damage on the next attack to the first ally that touches it.
    • Soul Seeds - On death, your Minis leave behind a flower, healing the first ally that touches it.

Credit: Blizzard News