Best Faerie Dragon Talent for Warcraft Rumble

The Faerie Dragon is a mischievous support/utility mini in Warcraft Rumble, arriving in Season 5. With a unique blend of defensive and disruptive talents, she adds a tricky and unpredictable element to your team. Let's explore the best Faerie Dragon Talents for maximizing her impact.

Best Faerie Dragon Talent: Fae Blessing

Grant Resist to a nearby ally. Ability has one charge.

Faerie Dragon Best Talent | Warcraft Rumble

Fae Blessing significantly boosts your team's survivability. The Resist trait reduces incoming damage, making a key ally much harder to take down. This can turn the tide in close battles, protecting your damage dealers or securing an objective.

Tips: Use Fae Blessing strategically. Target your tankiest frontline unit or a high priority ally that's under heavy fire.

Second Best Talent: Phase Shift

Teleport backwards when attacked.

Phase Shift is a defensive talent ensuring Faerie Dragon's longevity. The teleport helps her escape incoming attacks; keeping her alive means more Fae Blessings, detection, and general disruption for your opponents.

Tips: Phase Shift works well when foes focus on other Minis, allowing your Faerie Dragon to remain a nuisance in the backline.

Talent 3: Invisibility

Gain Stealth.

Invisibility opens up tactical plays. A stealthed Faerie Dragon can scout enemy positions, sneak to objectives, or surprise foes with a well-timed Fae Blessing.

Tips: Pair Invisibility with Fae Blessing to save a key ally from a burst attack unexpectedly.

Faerie Dragon Stats

Note: These are base level stats of Faerie Dragon in Warcraft Rumble.

Cost3 Gold

The Faerie Dragon is a Horde mini with decent damage but low health. Prioritize protecting her to fully benefit from her utility.

In-game Description: A mischievous support caster. Her unique blend of disruption, detection, and protection will drive your enemies crazy!


  • Flying: Immune to ground-based attacks.
  • Elemental: Deals elemental damage. Strong vs Armored.
  • Resist: Takes reduced damage.
  • Nullify: Immune to Poison, Burn, Stun, and slowing effects.
  • DetectInvisibility: Can attack Stealth enemies.

Faerie Dragon Ability

Split: Ranged single target attack.

Faerie Dragon's basic attack is decent, but her main strength lies in her talents and traits.


The Faerie Dragon brings a playful chaos to Warcraft Rumble. Her utility-focused talents provide survivability, disruption, and unique counterplays. Experiment with her talents to find synergies that suit your team compositions and favorite strategies.

End of Warcraft Rumble Faerie Dragon Guide.