The Finals All Arenas Guide, Map Variants, and Game Show Events

The Finals each map features such asː Destructible, Time of day, Weather, Map Variants, and Game Show Events will mix things up, so expect the unexpected.

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The Finals All Arenas

Skyway Stadium

The Finals Skyway Stadium Guide - zilliongamer

Skyway Stadium, a mixture of Seoul & Monaco, is a arena distinctly different from the parts it is made up of.

Instead of being a recreation of a real-world location, it uses dioramas of existing maps to make a arena that feels much more virtual.


The Finals Monaco Guide - zilliongamer

Monaco is a sovereign city-state and microstate on the French Riviera, located a few kilometers west of the Italian region of Liguria on the Mediterranean Sea.

The arena is set on the Rock of Monaco, part of Monaco City, one of the 4 quarters of Monaco.


The Finals Soul Guide - zilliongamer

Seoul, officially known as the Seoul Special City, is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea with multiple-storied apartment buildings, a mall, and a hospital.

Las Vegas

The Finals Las Vegas Guide - zilliongamer

Las Vegas stars in the glitz, glam, and tight-knit gameplay of this glittering arena. Each building has its own personality from the luxurious Glamor to the rustic Eastwood, the sleek Zaraby, and the flashy Argon.

Practice Range

The Finals Practice Range Guide - zilliongamer

The Practice Range is a space where contestants can experiment with their loadout and hone their skills.

The Finals Map Variants & Game Show Events

The Finals map variants could be in play during a match:

The Finals Map Variants - zilliongamer

  • Under Construction: Part of the arena is currently under construction.
  • Up Down Left Right: Cashout stations could be suspended or on the move.
  • Suspended Structures: Cashout stations are suspended high above the arena.
  • Standard Issue: A standard arena, ready for destruction.
  • Moving Platforms: Vaults or cashout stations could be found on platforms moving around the arena.
  • Duck and Cover: Our duck mascot has decided to crash the party and crush part of the arena.
  • High Rise: The middle part of the arena is elevated.

The Finals game show events could be in play during a match:

  • Meteor Showers: Metereor fall near cashout stations.
  • Low Gravity: Experience longer hang time in the air.
  • The Dead go Boom: When you're eliminated, you explode.
  • Mega Damage: Damage to the arena is magnified.
  • Death Match: Earn extra cash when you eliminate opponents.
  • Orbital Lasers: Lasers take aim at contestants who aren't moving.
  • Molten Madness: Lava rises on the arena floor.

End of The Finals All Arenas Guide, Map Variants, and Game Show Events.