The Finals: Best Medium Builds

There are three distinct classes in The Finals Light, Medium, and Heavy. Medium is the most useful class in The Finals, you have Healing Beam, Recon Senses, along with the Jump Pad and Gas Mine for more zoning strength. 

Find out the best Medium builds guide specialization, weapons, gadgets, and two different Medium builds for you to choose from to help you dominate in the game.

Best Medium Builds in The Finals

The Best Medium Builds in The Finals Season 1 - zilliongamer

What is the best gun for the medium build in the finals?

The AKM and FCAR are both reliable assault rifles for the medium class in the finals in terms of damage, range, and fire rate, FCAR has low recoil, offers higher accuracy, range, then AKM but has a smaller magazine size.

FCAR has 20 bullets in mag if you miss a lot of shots you will get eliminated by enemy with other AKM, SMG, Pistol, and Shotgun.

best Medium build has everything you need including the right weapons, gadgets, and specializations.

The Finals: Best Medium build loadout:

  • Best Weapon: AKM or FCAR.
  • Best Specialization: Recon Senses.
  • Best Gadgets: Explosive Mine, Jump Pad, and Gas Grenade.

What is the best Specialization for the medium build in the finals?

The Best Specialization for Medium build is Recon Senses which makes enemies visible through structures for a limited of time.

What is the best Gadgets for the medium build in the finals?

The Best Gadgets for Medium build are Explosive Mine, Jump Pad, Gas Grenade. The Jump Pad is a very potent mobility tool that allows your entire team to quickly scale buildings great for getting height.

Explosive Mine Gas Mine is great for both offensive and defensive plays, dealing high damage when triggered which is very good when defending Objectives.

Gas Grenade which throw projectile that emits a cloud of toxic gas this can help forcing enemy players off the objectives or take huge amounts of damage in a short time.

If you Not playing around objectives take AKM instant of FCAR: 

  • Best Weapon: AKM.
  • Best Specialization: Recon Senses.
  • Best Gadgets: Frag Grenade, Jump Pad, and Defibrillator.

Frag Grenade help you dealing heavy damage to any enemy within its radius it is great when enemy team already claim Objectives forcing them off the objectives and take a ton of damage.

Defibrillator use to instantly revive a teammate, this is exceptionally useful when you need backup.


The Finals Heavy is the most durable class in The Finals, and the builds we provide above allow you to one-shot squishy classes and are great for defending objectives and taking objectives too.