How to Play well in Loot Goblin Rush

Loot Goblin Rush is one of the game mode in Squad Buster. In this mode, goblin will randomly scattered around the area carrying gold and gems.

Loot Goblin Rush | Squad Busters - zilliongamer

In this article, we'll share a strategy that will helps you perform well when playing this game mode.

Note: We know that the starters are random, however if you manage to see one of our recommended characters on your starter list, you should pick it.

First thing first, we'll need to prioritize ranged attackers like Bo, Colt, or Archer Queen...etc to take down goblin.

Loot Goblin Rush Guide | Squad Busters - zilliongamer

Goblin move fast but they are squishy, which means ranged character can deal higher damage to them.

Having a fused ranged attacker or many attackers can take them down very fast. But at the same time, your squad will also be easy to take down. So make sure you also have defender characters for your squad as well.

Overall tips: Start with ranged Attackers, preferably Bo, or Colt then proceed to fuse them for stronger damage output and after that, you can start strengthen your squad over time with defender characters.