Squad Busters Greg & Hog Rider: A Secret to Farm Gold Faster

Are you struggling to farm Gold in Squad Busters? Here's a secret combo that you can pair to get gold fasters.

Greg and Hog Rider is a combination of Supplier and Speedster, Greg chop the tree for Gold and Hog Rider provide extra movement speed in the grass.

All Trees spawn in the middle of grass and grass slow your squad movement speed. Are you starting to see our point here? Let's get into more detail.

Tree give gold, Grass is bad | Squad Busters

Let's say you get Greg as your starter, chop down one tree can grant you 3 to 5 golds, that is enough for your second chest which is quicker then any other character in term of early game.

However, moving from a tree to tree can be quite slow because they are usually far from each other, also moving into grass will cost you another seconds and here is where Hog Rider come to play.

Tree distance from each other | Squad Busters

Hog Rider allows your squad to move much quicker when inside the grass so that means your Greg move from Tree A to Tree B extremely fast which helps you generate much more golds.

Now we know that at this point, your attack will be less lethal comparing to other squad, however you'll likely have more gold then other squad. And you can start building your attackers from here.

Looking at the long game, you have a better way to get gold, your attackers can get gold from killing monsters, whereas your Greg and Hog can chop down tree for even more gold. Moreover, you also has faster movement speed for your squad which helps you play around grass really well.

So yeah, if you're new to Squad Busters and you seems to struggle finding gold to build your squad, starting with Greg is a good idea and if you have Hog Rider to pair with Greg, you'll have a higher chance to build a strong team because now you have multiple way of getting gold and stronger team equals higher gems which ultimately helps you win the  match.